Simplicity Bassinet Recall After Infant Deaths

Posted on August 29, 2008

The Consumer Product Safety Commission, along with six retailers, is recalling nearly 900,000 Simplicity bassinets because of a strangling hazard. 

The recall follows the death last week of an infant girl from Kansas who became entrapped between the bed’;s metal bars. Last year another infant girl from Missouri died when she strangled in the bars of the bassinet.

The Simplicity 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 convertible bassinets have metal bars that are covered by an adjustable fabric, attached by Velcro.

The fabric is supposed to be folded down when the bassinet is converted, but if the Velcro is not properly re-secured, an infant can slip through the opening and become entrapped in the metal bars and suffocate.

The warning does not cover bassinets produced in recent months that have the fabric permanently attached over the lower bar.

Return the dangerous baby product to the manufacturer where you bought it.

The majority of these used bassinets are still used in daycare facilities and can be found in consignment shops.

Visit the CPSC Web site to learn more.

Here are the numbers of the faulty cribs:

RECALLED Model Numbers

3000CL 3112DOH6 3011WHE 9250A 3016LAU 3046GTM 3010BIJ 3112DOH7 3011WHK 3012SOM 3016MIR 3046HAN 3010HAV 3122BAN 3012BIJ 5750SAR 3017NCB 3047MON 3010NGS 3122TGC 3012OXF 3012TGT 3020SFB 3050LIL 3010TGT 3010BIJC 3012SFD 3013PRO 3025BER 3050SAR 3010WHE 343-8363 3040SAR 9250B 3025C 3060GFS 3040LAU 343-8399 3040SPR 3014LOL 3026CRT 3060TFS TD2500 3045FEL 3050SWT 3014NGS 3027MIS 8393 3040WDS 3111DPC 3060BTL 3015GFR 3030SAR 3040SPRC 3045DRM 3012LLTC 3112BDY 3070MAN 3040CLA 3040LAC 3111ZOL 3050SWTC 3045OXFC 3112DOH 5730FKB 3045DRMC

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