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May 5, 2023

The Secret Behind One Attorney’s Success in Maximizing Client Recoveries


In the simplest of terms, Larry Huttman is a personal injury and medical malpractice attorney in Jacksonville. However, Larry’s depth of experience is utilized on some of Farah & Farah’s toughest cases. Catastrophic injuries, commercial trucking accidents, and other intricate cases require an attorney with the skills and experience to map out the best course of action. Over the course of the last decade, Larry has charted the right path for his clients time and time again. His abilities in the courtroom are so effective that he has been able to recover over $92 million dollars in gross recoveries for his clients during those ten years. 

To see what the secret sauce was behind such amazing work, we sat down one-on-one with the man, the mentor, the legal legend, Larry Huttman.

What Has All of Your Experience Taught You Over the Years?

“I’ve spent the last 12 years of my 26 year legal career here,” Larry starts. “It’s diverse types of cases. The larger the case, often the more tragic it is. The types of cases I work on are generally tragic deaths or significant injuries after an accident. These are typically large Florida commercial truck accidents, medical malpractice cases that are life-altering, or intense negligent premises liability cases involving violent and sudden events. Every single case I take on for my clients is distinct and different in terms of who is liable. Each also has different paths to success. Trusting each attorneys’ experience, skills, and abilities is something we do very well here at Farah & Farah.”

“A case I’ll never forget was a pool case involving the drowning of a child. Cases like these are emotionally charged from the beginning. Parents have just lost their child. I have to put aside my own feelings on the matter and be the subjective attorney they are counting on me to be. For a case like this, I need to work with industry experts, look at the codes and regulations, and really dig into the facts of what happened. Through intense research, we found multiple deficiencies we believed, had they not occurred, could have helped prevent this awful tragedy.”

What Do You Tell Clients to Look Out for During Their Case?

“When clients come to me, they are often experiencing one of the worst moments of their lives. My first piece of advice is to help my clients understand that we are now helping and taking  control of finding a solution. They can finally step back and let me and my team investigate. I always discuss exactly what is going on and what is going to happen to help them come up with a plan that they understand. Every client comes to us with expectations. They are searching for answers that might not come quickly,” Larry explains. 

“There are so many facts that we discover during the process that can alter the case. Full cooperation is critical for being able to achieve the best results. Having my clients’ cooperation often helps find brand new ideas and paths for the case to take. Unfortunately, there is a misconception that we will have all the answers on day one and can move forward right away. But the legal system doesn’t work that way. I need verifiable information, reports, witness statements, and other crucial aspects to start putting the pieces of their case together in a way that makes the most legal sense.”

How Is Teamwork Involved When You Handle a Case?

“The cases that I work on are harder and I treat every case on its own merit. At Farah & Farah we try to take on each case as if that’s the only one we have. You need a team approach to be able to dig deep on individual cases. It’s the classic, “quality over quantity” mentality. Our firm truly values teamwork and it comes into play with virtually every case we undertake.” 

“In fact, I have a case right now in Georgia where I’m working with two top notch attorneys, John Thomas and Khalil Farah. Each of us brings our own unique talents to the table and a different perspective to help move the case along. The case is incredibly complex and has required an unbelievable amount of legwork. I know that John has taken dozens and dozens of depositions of key witnesses to make sure we have all the facts straight. It’s actually the most amount of depositions I’ve seen in a case of this nature in my career. Working with two stellar attorneys, along with paralegals, and other team members means we have an entire team of legal talent all working together to get the best results possible.”

“Having two (or more) lawyers on one case is pretty helpful. Case in point, I’m working with Dalya Farah on a number of ongoing cases. Dalya is incredibly efficient and does a fantastic job working up a case. In fact, we’re working with a retiree who went in for a routine carpal tunnel elective surgery and now can barely use his right hand. Our client had envisioned rounds of golf, boating, fishing, and all the other activities we all look forward to in our golden years. Medical malpractice took that dream away and he deserves justice. The team approach is immensely helpful in achieving just that for each client who comes through our doors.”

Want an Attorney Like Larry Huttman? We Have Over a Hundred Just Like Him

When the stakes are high, you need an attorney who understands the intricacies of your case, and what strategies would work best to seek maximum compensation. Moreover, you need an attorney who has all the resources they need to help you recover physically and financially. At Farah & Farah, we do things differently. We will take the time to get to know you and your unique situation so that we can truly help make you whole again after your accident. 

Attorneys like Larry rely on cooperation over competition, which is why we have been so effective for countless clients over the years. If you or a loved one was hurt in an accident and you’re not sure of what to do next, you can reach out to our team any time of the day or night, and a friendly, knowledgeable Farah and Farah representative will be available to learn what happened and outline what options may be available. 

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