Kindergarten Asthma Death Results In Wrongful Death Suit

Posted on October 25, 2008

The tragic death of a five-year-old boy who suffered an asthma attack at the beginning of school last year has resulted in a wrongful death lawsuit.

Trenton Stokes died in August 2007. It was his fourth day of kindergarten at Orange Park Elementary School.

His mother, Rita Stokes had met with school officials to talk about her son’s condition including the principal, her son’s teacher, the school nurse and PE coach. They were told how to recognize Trenton’s asthma attacks and to keep medication with the teacher with the boy at all times.

Unfortunately when Trenton had an attack on the playground August 24th, his teacher didn’t have the medication with her, even after he asked for it. He collapsed and died.

An asthma attack has to be addressed immediately and it is not predictable. Even prepared with that information, the school failed to take care of the little boy. A spokeswoman for Clay County schools says the school acted responsibly but the child did not make it.

Both sides cannot be telling the truth. No doubt the facts will be sorted out at trail. The lawsuit was filed in the 7th Judicial Circuit court. We are sorry for the tragic passing of this little boy.

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