Girl Walks after Devastating Amusement Park Fall

Posted on November 7, 2011

No one thought she would live, much less walk again, but a 14-year-old Parkland girl took a few steps at a gathering in her honor on Sunday, November 6, at Pine Trails Park. The girl fell approximately 100 feet in July 2010 from an amusement park ride in Wisconsin. She was supposed to land on a net but instead fell onto the ground.

As a result, she was not expected to live, then it was expected she would be paralyzed. Initially, she was on life support but the girl has been trying to prove everyone wrong and has been practicing to walk again in rehabilitation.

The Florida personal injury attorneys at the Farah & Farah law firm offers congratulations on this major accomplishment. Hopefully her progress will continue to climb in an upward direction.

Personal Injury Lawsuit

The family hired a personal injury law firm to represent their interests against the Amusement park. Three months after the fall, the attorney representing the family said he reached a settlement with Extreme World in Wisconsin Dells with the details being withheld. The liability on the part of the park was clear and the Wisconsin Department of Commerce said the operator of Terminal Velocity was at fault for dropping the girl before the net was ready to catch her. The attorney was considering an additional action against the German manufacturer of the ride.

You can be certain that when a corporation is facing a lawsuit and is on the hook for a settlement, it becomes one way to ensure that safety protocols will be taken more seriously so this doesn’t happen to another child. It’s unfortunate that companies responsible for your health cannot understand that without personal injury litigation.


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