Florida Foreclosures Number 3 In Nation

Posted on October 16, 2008

As forclosures hit record numbers across the country comes news that once again Florida ranks near the top – the number three spot nationwide.

According to Foreclosures.com, the Sunshine State was topped only by Nevada and Arizona.

•Nevada 77.8 filings per 1,000 households
•Arizona 74.6 filings per 1,000 households
•Florida 64.2 filings per 1,000 households

Earlier this year, Florida had the eighth highest foreclosure rate in the nation with one foreclosure for every 73 households.

Four states besides Florida – California, Michigan, Texas and Colorado, accounted for almost 66 percent of the foreclosures for the month of September, CNN reports.

This dubious distinction puts South Florida foreclosures at nearly double the rate of a year ago. Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Counties are worst hit, up from one-third to doubling.

Federal help to stop foreclosures are being discussed but it’s too early to see if the feds will help minimize and mitigate the foreclosure rate for anxious homeowners. Nationwide the foreclosure rate has left nearly 750,000 people without homes this year.

In September, 107,000 of them ended up without homes, according to Foreclosures.com.

To make matters worse, there are early indications that some people who have filed for foreclosure may be dumped from the voter registration lists.

In September, stories began to emerge that the Michigan Republican party was using lists of foreclosed homes to remove people from the voter rolls, particularly in minority districts.

Stay tuned- Florida is known to have some contested elections- Remember?

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