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What to Do If You Have Been Permanently Disabled

Fortunately, most work-related injuries keep the injured employee off the job for a short time as he or she heals. The incident is reported and benefits and treatment follow allowing you to move on with your life and get back to work to pay your bills.

Then there are those devastating injuries that are not so easy to move on from. A permanent disability caused by a work-related accident can mean the end of your life as you knew it. A worker may have to turn to Florida permanent disability compensation if his injury is life-threatening or leads to a permanent disability.

What Qualifies as an On-the-Job Injury in Jacksonville?

What would classify as disabled following an on-the-job injury? Generally, if your back, heart, vision, hearing, spine, limbs, or brain are injured, those injuries could be considered a permanent disability if you are unable to return to the same job. Partial permanent disability means you can return to perform some job, but not necessarily return to your old job. You may need rehabilitation before you return to employment.

Temporary Disability

Temporary disability may be paid if the employee is out of work for more than seven days. If a limb or eye was lost, the temporary reimbursement will equal about 80 percent of what the worker averaged prior to his injury and these benefits can continue for up to six months. If a limb or eyesight was not lost, the temporary disability benefits can be received amounting to two-thirds of the previous salary.

Permanent Disability

Permanent disability is payable up to the age of 75 at a rate of 55 2/3 percent of the salary.

If the employee is able to return to work, benefits will have to be calculated according to a formula which factors in the extent of the impairment.

Expect a huge burden added to the shoulder of the worker who is permanently disabled on-the-job. Not only medical and financial support, but often psychological support is necessary following a life-altering on-the-job injury.

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