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Applying for VA Disability Benefits

The VA has a duty to assist you with your claim for disability benefits. This could include the VA obtaining your service records, medical records, and social security records. Occasionally, you will be asked to complete a medical examination called a Comp & Pen exam.

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How to File Your VA Disability Claim

You must submit an application for benefits to receive benefits for any service-related disability. At Farah & Farah, we can assist you with filing a claim by:

  • Evaluating your qualification to receive any VA benefits
  • Assist with the paperwork required to file a claim
  • Filling an initial claim on your behalf
  • Responding to VCAA letters and other VA requests
  • Preparing you for the Comp & Pen exam process
  • Filing your appeal, if necessary

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What Happens After I File a VA Disability Claim?

The VA may send you a letter, called a VCAA Letter, asking for additional evidence to support your claim. This letter needs your response or the VA may automatically deny your claim if you don’t respond. We can assist you with this response.

The VA usually provides a response to disability benefit claims within about 3-8 months after filing called the Decision Rating Letter. A Rating Decision Letter will include a breakdown of each disability containing disability ratings for each condition and an effective date. The effective date will correspond to the date that the claim was filed and the date the VA will start paying for disability benefits, so you may get back pay for your disability.

What Are Disability Ratings?

The VA calculates disability by percentage from 0% to 100% in increments of ten percent. The higher the disability rating, the higher the payout for successful disability benefits claims. The higher rate of compensation for higher percentages is designed to compensate for the fact that the higher your disability rating, the more disabled you are and the more the disability affects your daily life.


The compensation rate is how much compensation a veteran gets from a successful disability claim. The amount depends on the disability rating but is also affected by other criteria, including:

  • Loss of limbs
  • Dependent children
  • Disabled spouse

These factors could increase the base amount that would typically be awarded a disabled veteran with no children, etc. The more children a veteran has, the more the compensation could be increased. The VA lists the current compensation rates on its website for each disability rating.

If you have received the wrong disability rate or effective dates, contact us today for a free consultation we may be able to secure the benefits you deserve!

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