Florida Construction Site Slip and Fall Attorneys

Construction Site Slip and Fall

Slip and fall injuries on construction sites are all too common nowadays, despite numerous safety measures that have been mandated in recent years. The fact that injuries continue unchecked is perhaps an inevitable product of the nature of construction: obstacles appear daily that weren’t there before, and parts of the premises that were once solid are razed and destroyed just as often. Getting around in such hazardous conditions is one of the defining difficulties of construction work, but that doesn’t excuse poor planning or maintenance by the supervisors on a given site.

Construction site slip and fall accidents in Florida can occur for any number of reasons, but a few common culprits continue to crop up each year. Of these, unstable scaffolding is one of the most frequent causes, leading workers to fall a few feet or a few dozen, depending on the conditions. Broken sidewalks, walkways, ramps and stairs are another major cause, especially when workers have their eye on something they are carrying. And spilled construction fluids such as tar, grease, or water may lead workers to slip on a puddle in their path.

Not all slip and fall injuries on construction sites are incurred by the employees, however. Residents of an apartment building that is undergoing renovation, for instance, may be frequent victims of slip and falls as well. Obstacles that the men in hardhats take for granted may not be immediately apparent to the residents who don’t work on such sites for a living, and the liability for such injuries generally rests with the construction company. Contractors may face similar unforeseen accidents, as may visitors to the site. In each case, a premises liability lawsuit must be filed that provides a causal link between one party’s negligence, and the other party’s injury.

Farah & Farah is a good place to start. With over two decades of experience in Jacksonville construction site slip and fall accidents and a sterling record of success in premises liability litigation throughout the state of Florida, we offer one stop shopping for all your personal injury needs. We collect all the documentation, assemble expert testimony, and work closely with physicians to understand and analyze your injury for the best possible outcome.

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