Never Give Up Your Passion for Law


Posted on March 8, 2023

“Absolutely never give up. Even if someone tells you why you shouldn’t do it – if you have a passion for law, this is the right profession.”

Farah & Farah is celebrating Women’s History Month this March to honor their remarkable female attorneys’ hard work and accomplishments. We spoke to one of the team’s Albany personal injury attorneys, Christle Guinyard, about her advocacy for unrepresented voices and devotion to her dreams.

Why Did You Decide to Become an Attorney? What Inspired You? 

Representing Voices & Equalizing the Playing Field

Christle believes in equality and that everyone deserves to be heard. This belief, Christle stated, was instilled in her by her mother. After seeing her family face legal battles from an injury, she saw directly what happens when citizens don’t have an attorney or have their voices represented. 

Above all, Christle’s mother taught her to speak up for people who don’t know what to do and to fight for what’s right. These experiences eventually led Christle to become a first-generation college student and continue to lend a helping hand to others who weren’t granted the opportunity to speak up.

What Accomplishments at Farah & Farah are You Most Proud Of?

Changing Perspectives & Unlocking Her Own Potential

One case that stands out to Christle at Farah & Farah was a woman who slipped and fell at a fast-food restaurant. The woman reached out to Christle directly, despite her hesitation for speaking to attorneys and lawyers. The woman reportedly required several surgeries after the incident, and Christle said she was able to acquire her client a large sum of money that was eventually used as a down payment on her home. Christle said this case “changed her view on what legal professionals do,” realizing that she truly has the potential to help people. 

On a personal level, Christle is also immensely proud of where she began her career by completing law school and working a full-time job, all while raising two beautiful children. 

Why Is Women’s History and Recognition Important to You?

Normalizing Women’s Capabilities 

Women’s recognition is important to Christle because “the more we show women are capable, the more normalized it becomes”, she asserted. Christle continued with examples of working in a courtroom and looking around a gallery of male attorneys. Working in a male-dominated industry, she believes that women can do anything a man does. 

What Women Leaders Do You Admire and Why?

A Leader of Brilliance and Grace: Michelle Obama 

One of the leaders Christle admires the most is Michelle Obama. Christle described Michelle not just as the first lady, but for her brilliance and grace as a female attorney. Michelle worked in the legal field and put her career on hold for her husband, which proved to Christle that “just because you’re an attorney does not mean you have to be an egomaniac.” 

Christle also noted Ruth Bader Ginsburg as an influence as the first woman in her field who set the trail for many female attorneys. She articulated that it’s “so impressive and inspiring, even if you start off small, if you’re passionate about it, you don’t give up” when referring to Ruth’s accomplishments. 

In Your Lifetime, What Challenges Have You Seen Women Overcome in Their Careers?

Solidifying Trust and Being Taken Seriously

“Women are thought to be too emotional, or they are not taken seriously”, Christle said. She further voiced that one of the challenges women have faced in their careers is the presumption that a male knows more, saying that it can be discouraging. Christle ascertained that she usually later solidifies trust by giving clients smart, substantial advice. 

What Challenges Have You Seen Women Overcome in the Legal Profession Specifically?

Moving Above the Glass Ceiling 

In the legal profession, Christle communicated that many women have been breaking the glass ceiling of becoming judges, partners, elected, or appointed— “The ceilings have already been shattered, but we’re still hitting them.” 

Christle hopes that in the future we will get to a point where it won’t be newsworthy for women to be successful, but normal.

What Advice Would You Give to Women Who are Looking to Enter the Field of Law?

Anything is Attainable If You Want It

For women looking to get into law, Christle advised them to “Absolutely never give up. If someone tells you why you shouldn’t do it, if you have a passion for law, this is the right profession. If you want to be a lawyer, do it. It is absolutely attainable if you want it.”

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