Jacksonville Boxer Fights Back with Lawsuit Against Trainer and Doctors

Posted on February 13, 2013

The 34-year-old Jacksonville boxer had once been touted to win a gold medal in the 2012 Olympic games in London. Now, she can’t even cook or take care of herself following a traumatic brain injury she suffered in an Olympic qualifying bout in Ohio.

She is blaming her trainer and doctors for her condition, claiming that the circumstances that led to the end of her boxing career and permanent brain injuries could have been prevented if they had taken proper care of her.

According to her attorney, the Olympic-caliber boxer had been sparring with a male boxer in Jacksonville Beach ten days before the fateful qualifying bout and suffered a concussion during the session.

Her attorney told WTEV News, “She went to a doctor and said ‘what do I need to do’ and they put ice on her head and a chiropractor gave her hydrocodone and that’s absolutely a no-no. Doctors prescribe pills not chiropractors.”

She collapsed during her qualifying match, the victim of what has been described as “second impact syndrome.” It was blows to the head following her earlier concussion that caused her to fall into a coma — an injury that resulted in severe, permanent brain damage.

WTEV reports that her attorney is filing suit against her trainer and doctors and will also file suit against the gym that allowed her to spar against a male boxer. The lawsuit is reportedly asking for millions of dollars in damages, but no amount of money can ever bring her back to where she used to be, according to her attorney.

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