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November 28, 2017

Farah & Farah: Give a Pint, Get a Pint Blood Drive

Blood Drive

Local law firm matches every pint of blood donated, with a pint of ice cream


November 28, 2017

Jacksonville, Fla. — This year marks Farah & Farah’s first annual “Give a Pint, Get a Pint” blood drive. In an effort to ensure the safety of the Jacksonville community during a season notorious for a spike in accidents, personal injury attorneys Farah & Farah are partnering with Whit’s Frozen Custard in order to reward those in our community generous enough to give the blood needed to help accident victims.

This time of year leads to an increased risk of accidents due to festivities and more of a need for travel. According to a study from USA Today, “…during the end-of-year holiday travel period, nearly 27,900 Americans will be seriously injured in auto accidents, and more than 250 will die.” In addition, the American Red Cross reports that, “a single car accident victim can require as many as 100 pints of blood.”

Support the Jacksonville community at the Farah & Farah blood drive.

Given the size of and city layout of Jacksonville, traveling becomes an increased hazard in this area, so the need to be prepared with plenty of blood on hand in case of accidents is of the utmost importance.

LifeSouth Community Blood Center will be facilitating donations starting Saturday, December 2nd from 11am-7pm at the Avenues Mall and the drive will continue on in the following venues on these dates, with the same times: Sunday, December 10th, River City Marketplace and Saturday, December 23rd, Orange Park Mall.

“As a firm, we couldn’t be happier to be partnering with Whit’s and LifeSouth to provide such an important resource to the Jacksonville community at this critical time of year,” says Eddie Farah. “It is our mission to ‘Keep Jax Safe’ all year round and helping during the season of giving when it’s needed most is something we are extremely proud to do for our hometown.

Keeping the community safe is our number one priority,” said Chuck Farah “and if it gets you a pint of delicious Whit’s ice cream in return for doing some good, well then that’s all the better.”

Find out more about our community involvement or call 833-259-1740.

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