Florida Keys Prove Deadly for Boaters

Posted on May 26, 2015

The number of fatal boating accidents in Florida is on the rise. According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, there were 73 boating-related deaths in Florida in the year 2014. That is an increase of 18 percent from the 62 boating deaths that occurred in Florida the previous year.

According to a Keys Info Net news report, 10 people were killed in Miami-Dade County boating accidents and five occurred in Monroe County. Furthermore, Monroe County, where the Florida Keys are located, ranks second statewide for nautical mayhem with $1.2 million in damages from 71 boating accidents. Miami-Dade leads the way with 79 accidents followed by Pinellas County near Tampa, which had 53 boat accidents and four deaths.

Florida led the country in boating deaths. The U.S. Coast Guard reported 610 boating deaths nationwide of which 73 occurred in Florida. One of the reasons why we consistently have the most boating-related deaths is because we have the most boats. There are 899,635 registered vessels in Florida and another million unregistered rowboats, paddleboards, kayaks and canoes.

Understanding boating statistics can help you stay safe. According to the Fishing and Wildlife Conservation Commission, May is the month when there are the most boating accidents. Therefore, it may be in your best interest to use caution when boating during particularly busy times of year, such as weekends in May and holidays. The report also shows that alcohol and drugs were linked to 12 percent of fatal crashes and drowning is the leading cause of boat-related deaths. Therefore, if you also drive sober, watch out for impaired drivers and always wear a life jacket, you will greatly increase your chances of avoiding a fatal crash.

Please remember to always operate a boat safely. Maintain safe speeds, never drive when impaired, leave plenty of space between vessels and have someone help you spot trouble ahead.

If you are ever involved in a crash despite practicing safe behavior, do not hesitate to contact an experienced Florida personal injury lawyer at Farah & Farah. Similar to being in a Florida car accident, you can pursue financial support for your financial, physical and emotional losses from the party responsible for your injuries.

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