Exploding Boat Injures Four On Intracoastal

Posted on October 31, 2008

The Florida-Georgia game weekend started on a dangerous note for four fans aboard a boat that exploded in the Intracoastal Waterway.

Two people were reportedly thrown from the boat when it exploded while two others stayed onboard. The boat never made it back to the marina, instead it burned into a crisp.

The explosion occurred as the boat was refueling near the Palm Cover Marina on Beach Boulevard. Fortunately, a good citizen pulled the folks from the burning wreck. The burns are said to be serious for the folks hospitalized.

Everyone was in town for the Saturday Florida-Georgia game, though at this time they are not identified.

The Coast Guard has no idea what happened. Still, they sent out a warning asking boaters to use extra caution.

A boat can explode if there is a mechanical problem or if fuel is put into the wrong hole. In this case, it was, then flushed out with water.

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