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Georgia Social Security Disability Lawyer

Social Security Disability provides invaluable financial assistance to people who can no longer work due to their conditions, but most claims are initially denied. If you are considering applying for benefits or your application was denied, the Georgia disability lawyers at Farah & Farah can help you improve your approval odds.

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Navigating the complexities of Social Security Disability claims can be a daunting journey, but you don’t have to go it alone. When life takes an unexpected turn, and you need financial assistance to make ends meet, having an experienced legal advocate in your corner is essential. 

At Farah & Farah, our team of skilled Georgia Social Security Disability lawyers is here to help you understand your rights, secure the benefits you deserve, and pave the way for a brighter future. We’re committed to helping you navigate the Social Security Disability system with confidence. Call us today at 877-245-6707 to schedule a free consultation.

Why Choose Farah & Farah as Your Georgia Disability Lawyers?

At Farah & Farah, we are dedicated to helping injured and disabled people obtain the compensation they need. Our Georgia disability lawyers have protected our clients and their families since 1979 and are well-versed in the nuances of Georgia disability laws, rules, and regulations. 

This experience can make all the difference in your Social Security Disability case’s outcome. We understand that every dollar counts, so we work diligently to help our clients recover the maximum compensation they deserve under state and federal law.

We take a client-centric approach to every case, meaning that when you turn to us with your Georgia disability case, we’ll treat you with honesty, dignity, and respect. You’ll also have a dynamic team of legal professionals standing behind you at every turn, combining their strengths and resources to secure a favorable result. 

We know the difference your Georgia Social Security Disability case can make in your life, and don’t take that lightly. Farah & Farah is here for you in your time of need. 


Here’s what some of our satisfied clients have said about our representation: 

Farah and Farah won my case in only three months after I had been denied twice!!! They got me back pay also of way more than I expected so when I saw the money in my account, I was scared to touch it until I received my letter!! I highly recommend hiring them for your disability cases! –  Sonia

This was the first place I called for my disability situation, and I don’t regret it at all. They are very quick on top of things and willing to go all the way to make the situation work out and for the best. They are very responsive, accurate, comfortable to work with, and get things done. I would most definitely recommend them to everyone! – Leonor

I was represented by this firm for my disability appeal. I can truly say that they are TRULY the best!!! – K Mets

Farah & Farah Law firm’s outstanding moral, legal, and professional assistance was a life-changing experience for me!!! Their expert legal actions resulted in a swift – Fully Favorable SSA disability hearing decision and their actions/advice ultimately saved my Life!!! I will highly recommend Farah & Farah law firm to all who are in need of outstanding legal representation. – Johnny

Do You Need a Lawyer For Your Georgia Social Security Disability Claim?

Social Security Disability benefits can be a lifeline for Georgians who are no longer able to work due to a disability. However, getting those benefits is often easier said than done without legal representation, even if you believe you qualify for them. 

The Social Security Administration approves only 21 percent of Social Security Disability applications at the initial claims level. But the remaining 79 percent of applicants aren’t necessarily ineligible. Up to eight percent of applications are approved after a later reconsideration or hearing, and many more eligible applicants give up before this point due to the process’s complexity.

While the law doesn’t require you to work with a lawyer for your Social Security Disability claim, it’s in your best interest to do so. Approaching the Social Security Disability application process with an attorney’s assistance can greatly improve your chance of receiving benefits. 

When you trust Farah & Farah with your case, we can assist with the following:

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What Are Social Security Disability Benefits?

Social Security Disability, formally known as Social Security Disability Insurance, is a financial assistance program the government provides to individuals with a qualifying disability who have paid into the Social Security system through payroll taxes. These benefits are designed to provide financial support to people who cannot work due to a disabling condition. 

If you are approved for Social Security Disability, you will receive monthly payments. The Social Security Administration will calculate your payment amount based on the money you earned before you became disabled. The Social Security Administration will only consider income from jobs where your employer withheld Social Security taxes from your wages. 

The average disabled worker currently receives $1,486.89 per month in Social Security Disability payments. Although this amount is usually insufficient to cover all a person’s financial needs, it can be a vital income source if you have no other way to earn a living, especially when combined with Medicaid, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, or other forms of public assistance. Furthermore, some people receive much more than this average if they earned a high income before becoming disabled.

What Qualifies You for Social Security Disability in Georgia?

The eligibility criteria for Social Security Disability in Georgia are the same as those of other states. The basic criteria are as follows:

Work History Requirements

You must have earned a certain number of work credits through your employment history to qualify for Social Security Disability. The number of work credits required depends on your age when you become disabled. The younger you are, the fewer work credits are needed. However, most workers need 40 credits, and they must have earned 20 of those credits within the last 10 years before the year their disability began.

The Social Security Administration assigns one credit to a specific income amount that changes yearly. In 2023, for example, workers earned one credit for each $1,640 they earned from covered employment. You can earn a maximum of four work credits per year.

Disability Requirements

The Social Security Administration defines disability differently than most organizations. If all of the following are true, you likely meet the Social Security Administration’s definition of disability: 

Whether work activity qualifies as substantial gainful activity depends on the average earnings it nets. For example, the threshold for substantial gainful activity in 2023 was $1,470 a month for most workers and $2,460 a month for blind workers.

Social Security Disability Insurance vs. Supplemental Security Income

If you’re considering applying for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration, it’s important to understand the difference between Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income. Both programs provide financial assistance to disabled Americans but have different qualification criteria and benefit amounts. 

Social Security Disability Insurance, which we refer to as Social Security Disability, is essentially an insurance program that workers pay into with paycheck withholdings. It is based on work history and provides benefits to disabled individuals who have earned enough work credits. 

In contrast, Supplemental Security Income is a need-based program that offers financial assistance to low-income individuals who are 65 or older, blind, or disabled, regardless of work history. 

In other words, Supplemental Security Income eligibility depends on income and resources, while Social Security Disability Insurance eligibility is based on work history and disability status. 

Social Security Disability Insurance payments are usually higher than Supplemental Security Income payments. If you don’t qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance, you may be able to apply for Supplemental Security Income. 

How Long Does It Take to Get a Disability Decision in Georgia?

After you submit your initial application for Social Security Disability, it takes an average of three to six months for the Social Security Administration to process your claim and make an initial decision. 

The exact waiting period is influenced by various factors, including your case’s complexity, the availability of medical records, and whether you need to undergo a medical examination. Having a Georgia disability lawyer on your side may also speed up the process in some cases.

What To Do if You Are Denied Social Security Disability Benefits

If the Social Security Administration denies your application, don’t lose hope. Denials are very common, even among eligible applicants, and you have the right to appeal the decision. 

When you receive a denial, the Social Security Administration will send you a letter explaining its rationale. It’s crucial to carefully review this letter to understand why your claim was not approved. The issue could be as simple as a missing piece of evidence or an application error. 

If you’re interested in appealing the decision, consider consulting with an experienced Social Security Disability attorney at our firm. A Farah & Farah attorney can help you navigate the appeals process, gather necessary evidence, and present a compelling case. 

Remember that the appeals process can be lengthy and may take at least several months to reach a final decision. Stay patient through the process and follow your attorney’s instructions. 

Our Social Security Disability Lawyers in Georgia Are Here For You

You do not need to navigate the Social Security Disability claims process alone. With Farah & Farah in your corner, you’ll have a knowledgeable legal advocate guiding you through each step. 

Start moving forward with your Georgia Social Security Disability case today by contacting our firm for a free consultation. You can call us at 877-245-6707 or complete our online form.


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