Florida Attorneys Discuss Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

What Are Some Common Causes of Falls?

You fall at a construction site. Your child is injured after being trapped in an abandoned car on someone’s property. You fall and break your hip in a store that has spilled liquids on the ground. These are all scenarios that cause trip and fall accidents and injuries.

It is quite reasonable that a property or any public place should be free and clear of hazards, but unfortunately that doesn’t always happen.

Hazards in Florida Nursing Homes

A variety of scenarios can cause slip and fall accidents in Florida. A nursing home may not have clear walkways for the elderly to travel without tripping. A senior may not be able to react and recover in sufficient time to avoid serious injury and hospitalization. The owner of the nursing home would be liable if they were negligent in not removing any obvious hazard.

Hotel Premises Liability

Hotels are a common place for slip and falls. Walkways around pool and ice machines can be wet and slippery. A hotel may not have cleared snow and ice around a walkway or entry.

Construction Sites

With the changeable nature of construction sites, they offer an array of hazards, some of which appear new on a daily basis and threaten the safety of workers on the site and the public at large. A slip and fall accident can occur around broken pavement, open pits, hazardous chemicals left unsecured, or scaffolding that is not secure.

Swimming Pools

A swimming pool not only has wet areas that can be slippery, but often people leave behind sticky or oily foods that could cause someone to slip and fall. The tile may not have adequate texture that allows some types of shoes to slip and cause a fall leading to back, head, and spine injuries.

To determine if you have a personal injury claim there are a number of variables to consider.

Were you on the property for social reasons or for business? Are your injuries serious enough to pursue a claim? Did you contribute to your own injury in any way? Did the property own take reasonable precautions to keep visitors safe?

Contact Our Jacksonville Slip and Fall Accident Attorneys

If you break your shoulder from a fall accident and require medical attention and follow-up, and the fall resulted from someone else’s negligence, a Jacksonville premises liability lawyer can help you decide if you want to purse a case to court to recover damages for your medical bills.

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