Woman Sues Jacksonville Naval Hospital After Amputation

Posted on March 16, 2008

It wasn’;t supposed to happen this way.  A woman goes in for a knee replacement and comes out of the Naval Hospital with an amputated leg.

Not surprisingly, she is suing the Naval Hospital Jacksonville.

June McDowell cried to local reporters when she talked about how difficult it is to get around now. Wheelchair bound, she cannot be fitted for a prosthetic leg.  She is totally dependent on her husband to get around.

McDowell went for knee replacement surgery in 2005 to NAS since her husband was a Navy veteran.  But before the procedure was over doctors gave the family of losing her leg or her life. 

Depositions and the production of documents should soon reveal what happened during this woman’;s surgery.  

The Naval Hospital was sympathetic. Commanding Officer Capt. Raquel Bono released the following statement about McDowell’;s case:

“The McDowell family has my deepest sympathy. The hospital staff and all who were involved in Mrs. McDowell’;s care share my concern for her situation. We remain available to provide any support or assistance to the McDowell family.”

The Naval Hospital has been the subject of several medical malpractice lawsuits. Patients should be able to trust their doctors not be harmed by them. 

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