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July 20, 2021

Safe Driving Tips to Know When Sharing the Road with Semi Trucks

Safe Driving With Semi Trucks

Let’s face it: Many Floridians get nervous when sharing the road with semi-trucks. A recent Breakthrough Research survey* found that more than half of Floridians feel only somewhat confident to not confident at all in their ability to drive safely around semi-trucks.

Add to that the fact that many drivers simply lack a clear understanding of how semi trucks work, which can lead to unnecessary car accidents resulting in injury and even death. For example, 1 in 5 people believes that semi-trucks can reach a full stop in 7 seconds or less, when in fact it actually takes at least 10 seconds – under perfect conditions – for a semi-truck to come to a full stop. 

So what should Floridians do when sharing the road with semi-trucks? Let’s take a look at some safe driving tips to consider next time you get behind the wheel …

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Do you get nervous sharing the road with semi-trucks? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are some helpful tips to think about next time you get behind the wheel … 

TIP #1

It takes at least 10 seconds – under perfect conditions – for a semi-truck to come to a full stop. Give semi-trucks enough room when you’re driving behind or in front of them to avoid the risk of collision. 

TIP #2

Semi-trucks often drive slower than regular cars. If you need to pass a semi, do it quickly and carefully.

TIP #3

Turn your blinker on for at least three seconds before changing lanes near a semi-truck. This timing allows the truck driver to slow down or move over.

TIP #4: 

Take your time when merging in front of a semi-truck, making sure you can see the entire front end of the truck before making your move.

TIP #5:

Be aware of blind spots. The right side is a major blind spot for semi-truck drivers — sometimes blocking their view for three or more lanes. Other areas to avoid when possible include directly in front of the cab, behind the trailer, and certain zones along the driver’s side.

Most important of all, be patient and don’t stress!

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