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July 22, 2021

New Victory: 10x the Policy Limits from State Farm

Car crash

Khalil Farah successfully recovered a victory of 10x the policy limits from the insurance company on behalf of his client, Susan, after an automobile crash in St. Johns County.  Susan was t-boned by a drunk driver late at night.    She had catastrophic injuries and had six surgeries over the ensuing years. Unfortunately, the drunk driver was underinsured.

Susan had underinsured motorist coverage through State Farm and had been a loyal State Farm client for decades.  She always paid her premiums on time and State Farm always cashed her check.  But now, State Farm denied her claim.  It tried to argue that a technicality on one of Susan’s insurance application forms entitled her to nothing.

Khalil filed claim after claim against State Farm.  First a contract claim, then an underinsured motorist claim, and finally a bad-faith claim for State Farm’s conduct.  After hearing all the evidence, the Honorable Judge Lee Smith wrote “there is no genuine issue of material fact as to the issue of UM coverage . . . The Plaintiff is entitled to Uninsured Motorist Coverage.”

State Farm knew it was cornered and one week before trial it paid Susan every dollar she demanded. For Khalil, the best part was when Susan wrote about him “You won’t find a more personal, experienced lawyer that Khalil to be in your corner when you’re in the fight of your life- especially when only the best representation will do!”

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