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August 30, 2023

Jacksonville Attorney David Thompson Secures $550,000 for Accident Victim

Jacksonville Attorney David Thompson Wins 550,000 for Client

Some personal injury cases are fairly straightforward, while others require all of our team’s skill, strategy, and perseverance to overcome. Such is the story of a recent triumph Farah & Farah achieved for an accident victim, as shared by attorney David Thompson.

In an exclusive interview, Thompson provided insights into this challenging case that resulted in a resounding victory—securing a $550,000 settlement for his client. We’ll look at the details of this legal saga and uncover the factors that contributed to this great client victory.

It All Begins With a Car Accident

Rarely do people see an accident coming and they can happen at the most inopportune times. Our client was simply driving his vehicle here in Jacksonville when suddenly a car making a quick turn swerved out of its lane and side-swiped him.

With no time to brace, the impact was quick and intense. The chain of events that followed led to seemingly endless medical treatments and a mountain of medical bills. As they often do, the accident forever altered the client’s life. Adding literal insult to this victim’s injuries, the insurance company refused to give a fair offer for compensation. This would prompt a battle for justice that would take years to fully resolve.

With Personal Injury, the Right Treatment Is Key

Following the accident, the client started a long road to recovery. The injuries sustained were severe, with herniations in the neck and lower back. The injuries caused tremendous pain, requiring our client to see pain management specialists and chiropractors, need injections, and, ultimately, surgery.

After surgery, the client began physical therapy to try and return to a normal, pain-free life. However, despite all of these efforts, the client’s pain persisted, leading to further interventions, including additional injections and even nerve ablations to attempt to provide some form of relief.

With all of the medical care he required, the client would face medical bills ranging from $300,000 to $400,000 in total. The weight of this debt was almost too much for someone who had already endured so much.

How David Thompson Navigated Complex Liability Issues

From the beginning, the case was far from straightforward, with different issues that challenged David Thompson and his team to think outside the box. As the trial date loomed, a series of complications emerged.

One of these was that the client had a prior workers’ compensation case stemming from an unrelated injury while he was doing construction work. This previous case’s details became a focal point of the trial, as the defense sought to use that prior injury to limit their own liability.

Another contributing factor was that the client had worked with another personal injury firm prior to coming to Farah & Farah. Unfortunately, there were a few missteps that occurred with the client during deposition, which is when a client is asked questions under oath.

When Thompson prepares his clients for a deposition, he explains exactly what the process involves and even reviews things like medical records with them so they’re fresh in his clients’ minds. However, in this case, the client hadn’t been properly prepared by the prior firm and the defense attempted to exploit contradictions in his testimony. The situation required Thompson and his team to maneuver carefully so the truth could be told.

A Comprehensive Approach Provides a Solid Victory

Thompson adopted a sweeping approach to tackle all of the different issues at play in this rapidly evolving case. He spent hours pouring through medical records, prepared extensively for depositions, and strategically addressed the defense’s attempts to undermine the case.

Examining the defense medical expert’s opinions, Thompson found where they had failed to take into account the client’s complete medical history. Using that to his advantage, Thompson turned the tables and used their own evidence against them. Details matter in personal injury, and Thompson’s dedication to uncovering these facts ultimately led to a significant shift in the case’s trajectory.

A Client’s Determination and Resilience

Central to this saga was the client’s resilience. Our client wasn’t well-to-do, he was just a regular, blue-collar American that needed to get better and return to work to make a living. This tough-as-nails Jacksonville native was hurt through no fault of his own and left with mountains of medical bills and a life completely altered.

Beyond the legal battle, the client’s bonds with his family were pivotal throughout the ordeal. With a network of children and grandchildren, his emotional support system provided the foundation for his testimony, as he was prepared to address questions related to his injuries and limitations.

As tough as he was, our client felt fragile after his accident. He was sad to not be able to play as much with his grandchildren out of fear of reinjuring himself. It’s things like these that our firm calls “human costs.” These costs are real, raw, and personal, and our attorneys like David Thompson fight hard to recover them for our clients.

Having the Means to Help Cover Future Uncertainties

David Thompson showed true dedication to his client’s cause, spent hours pouring over medical records and preparing his client, and hurdled numerous challenges in order to pave a way for a favorable outcome. With the level of injuries sustained, it’s unfortunately likely the client will require even more medical care down the road.

Life-altering accidents are why we work so hard from the very start. David’s victory secured his client $550,000 to help cover his needs both now and tomorrow.

Fed Up With Insurance Downplaying Your Injuries? Call Us

We’ve been helping accident victims since 1969 and in that time, we’ve seen time and again where the insurance company tries to delay, underpay, or deny a rightful claim. We don’t back down for our clients. When insurance wants to play around with our client’s future, we use the justice system to get them everything they are entitled to under the law.

If the insurance company is giving you the runaround after an accident, talk to us. We’ll review what happened and see what options you may have available to receive compensation.


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