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Syreeta C.


A Personal Injury Attorney in My Most Difficult Time-Syreeta C.

An unassuming trip to a spa with her mom quickly turned into a day that forever changed Syreeta’s life. Things would have been much worse had she not found Farah and Farah, the Jacksonville personal injury attorney that she trusted in her most troubling time.

Quick Facts

  • Syreeta wanted to enjoy a day at the spa with her mom.
  • Her foot was cut by a nail technician and became severely infected, requiring surgery.
  • Farah and Farah helped Syreeta recover and get back to normal life emotionally and financially.

Syreeta’s Premises Liability Testimonial

Syreeta was with her mom in Georgia. They decided to have a girls’ day at a local spa. She opted for a foot treatment, something that most people wouldn’t think twice about. Syreeta experienced one of the worst moments of her life in the middle of her treatment when the spa technician cut Syreeta’s foot.

At first, Syreeta thought that it may have just been something she could get past. She needed to drive back to her home in Jacksonville. On her way home, her foot swelled and felt warm. She knew it was infected. Driving was nearly impossible. She did manage to make it back to her home in Florida and went to Flagler Hospital for help. They gave her medicine. It didn’t work. She then visited another clinic a few days later. They gave her a different medication. That also did not work. Syreeta’s foot was not looking good and she needed a solution fast. She feared the worst.

Syreeta went back to Flagler Hospital where she was admitted. Doctors said that she needed surgery. Things were serious. Syreeta said, “My surgeon suggested that I contact Farah and Farah.” She did just that.

Legal Help from
Farah & Farah

Syreeta was introduced to Bradley, an attorney at Farah and Farah. He was able to get Syreeta on the road to recovery quickly. Syreeta said, “Bradley kept me in the loop. He even called me after hours to let me know how my case was going, even when he was home with his child.”

“I thought that my case would take a long time. It took less than a year to finish, which was quicker than I expected,” said Syreeta.

Farah and Farah is a Jacksonville personal injury attorney that provides weekly checkups with clients, full-service attention, and simplicity. In most cases, there is no cost to their clients.

“As a girl, you want pretty feet all the time. [The injury] hurts…in my soul,” Syreeta said. “Farah and Farah change my life.”

Walk with assistance on bad days. It scars her emotionally because she is very young. As a girl, wants pretty feet all the time. “It hurts…to the soul.”

Syreeta’s legal team at Farah and Farah delivered beyond Syreeta’s expectations when she searched for “personal injury attorneys near me.” They were there in her time of need.

“Bradley was encouraging. He walked me through everything. They accommodated everything I needed,” Syreeta said. “This was a stressful time and they said everything was going to be fine. That’s what they told me. That’s what I told myself.”

Although Syreeta’s life may never be exactly the same as it was before her injury, Farah and Farah was the personal injury lawyer in Jacksonville, FL that Syreeta trusted to get her as close to normal as possible.

“They are compassionate. That’s a big thing,” Syreeta said.

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You changed my life.

I have faith in the system when it comes to things like this now.
You don’t know what it means to me.

Syreeta C.

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