Roger G

Client TestimonialCar Accident

Everything changed when Roger called Farah & Farah.

When Roger contacted Farah & Farah, they agreed to take his case almost right away.

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“When you go with a big law firm, you think you’re just going to be a number,” Roger said. “But it’s not like that. The service was unbelievable.”

The car came out of nowhere.

The car was traveling at 50 miles per hour when it rear-ended Roger G. The headrests shot off of the seats. Roger was hurt. “I was bedridden for two or three days,” Roger said. “I had a back injury. I had shoulder injuries. The shoulder injury had to be operated on.”

Roger was self-employed and didn’t have health insurance. His bills were adding up

An incredible settlement and so much more.

The insurance company was making Roger’s life difficult, but his attorney fought for him. “They originally offered us twenty thousand,” Roger said. “We really wanted seventy thousand. The mediator thought it was impossible.”

But one day, Roger’s attorney called him. “He told me, ‘We’re done,’” Roger said. “They settled for seventy thousand!” Roger was amazed at the level of service he received from Farah & Farah. “They helped me pay all bills and covered all surgeries. I got no calls from collections,” he said. “Farah & Farah treated me like I meant something. They took the risk and never asked me for money.”

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