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Puff D.


Car Accident Attorney When I Need the Best Help

What started out as a simple trip to volunteer at a service dog training center ended in a life-altering car accident for Puff. Her experience after being hit by a driver who was texting while driving could have been much worse if she did not have the help of the Farah and Farah team.

Quick Facts

  • Puff was driving home from volunteering at a service dog training facility.
  • A negligent driver ran into her car and injured her.
  • Farah and Farah helped Puff navigate medical her injuries and get the help she needed to recover quickly.

Puff’s Car Accident Testimonial

“It would have been a completely different situation if I had to handle this myself.”

Puff D. lives in Jacksonville, FL. Her friend who owns a dog kennel trains service dogs. Puff has helped her friend by volunteering for many years. She was traveling back to her office after helping with puppies at the kennel. She was waiting at a red light when someone slammed into the back of her car while she was waiting for the light to change.

Puff didn’t see it coming. In an instant, her life was turned upside down. She was injured and needed medical help.

“My injuries dramatically affected my entire life in pretty much every aspect of it.”

Puff’s ability to drive and do normal things in life, including something she loved, helping train dogs, were all put on hold due to her injuries. Activities as simple as planting flowers, making the bed, even getting dressed…everything in Puff’s life was impacted after her collision.

Puff worked with one attorney prior to contacting Farah and Farah. She said, “That attorney didn’t do anything.”

Puff needed a car accident attorney in Jacksonville that she could trust. She had remembered meeting Eddie Farah and Chuck Farah several years ago. That’s when she decided to make a life-changing phone call. She knew that Farah and Farah had helped out with the charity she volunteered for. She also knew that they helped other communities. Their shared values gave Puff the assurance that Farah and Farah could help her and that she could trust them.

She feared the medical profession and going to see doctors for her injuries. She was in a situation that was foreign to her. Her team at Farah and Farah helped reassure her constantly, helped her get money to pay her medical bills, and gave her the confidence she needed to fully recover.

“What these guys did in these tense moments is what made this happen.”

Puff is now back on her feet and back to volunteering with the charity she loves. Her choice to work with Farah and Farah as her personal injury lawyer was the key decision that helped her avoid paying costly bills and she had no upfront attorney bills.

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It’s a huge weight off my shoulders.

Now I have peace that I did the best I could do in that situation. They did above and beyond and more.

Puff D.

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