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When most people think about injuries on a cruise excursion, they think about injuries that could happen on the actual ship. However, on most cruises, people do not spend their entire time on-board. There are usually plenty of excursions to shore at various ports. Cruise ship passengers can get seriously injured on these trips to shore. Today, we want to discuss what options cruise ship passengers have when it comes to securing compensation for these injuries. If you or a loved one has been injured on a cruise ship shore excursion, contact a our attorneys at Farah & Farah today for a free consultation.

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What goes into shore excursions?

When you go on a cruise, one of the highlights of the whole experience is the many excursions to shore you can take. Most cruise ships stop at various ports and in various countries along the way. Passengers are usually offered an array of activity options at each stop. These activities could include:

Unfortunately, many cruise ship passengers have been seriously injured and even killed while participating in these activities. Some of these injuries and fatalities happen when passengers are being transported to and from these activities:

Who is responsible for safety on these trips?

This is the tricky part. When you are browsing a brochure for a cruise of looking through the company’s website, all of these shore activities are marketed as part of the cruise’s overall experience. Most of the time, these activities seem inseparable from the cruise itself. 


What many people fail to realize is that the cruise company may have nothing to do with the shore excursions at all. In many cases, a foreign tour operator or company is responsible for organizing and conducting these activities and the transportation to and from events. These companies are usually third-party contractors hired by the cruise ship. 

There are also times when cruise ship passengers are injured on their own free time away from the ship and no working with any third-parties at all. 

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Most cruise ship passengers who participate in these activities assume that the cruise line itself is responsible for compensation when injuries occur. However, most large cruise lines attempt to avoid liability in these cases by blaming the third party for any negligence. In some cases, cruise lines may have passengers sign releases that absolve them of liability in the event they are injured. 

What kind of compensation can I expect to receive?

If you are injured on a cruise shore excursion, you need to secure legal assistance as soon as possible. An attorney at Farah & Farah will gather all of the evidence in your case and figure out who was responsible and trace liability. In some cases, the cruise line may be liable. In others, it may be a separate operator in a foreign country.

Your personal injury attorney will explore all avenues of recovering compensation. This could be through the cruise line’s insurance policy or through a personal injury lawsuit against the cruise line or the foreign operators. You should be able to pursue compensation for all of your injury-related expenses, pain and suffering damages, lost income, and more.

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