Tampa Bicycle Accident Attorney

As a cyclist, sharing the road with vehicles can be dangerous. If you’ve suffered injuries in a bicycle accident, we understand the pain, frustration and anger you’re experiencing. Your physical and emotional recovery is a priority and our Tampa bicycle accident attorneys are here to help.

Farah & Farah has been successfully helping Tampa residents manage the painful process of bicycle accidents. Our Tampa bicycle accident lawyers will fight for your rights and get you the compensation you deserve while treating you with dignity and compassion during the entire process.

Call us today at (813) 358-0490 for a free and confidential consultation. We want to listen to your account, answer any questions you might have, and help you move confidently down the best path of recovery.

What To Expect From Our Tampa Bicycle Accident Lawyers

When you choose Farah & Farah, you can have peace of mind knowing we always have your best interests at heart. Our Tampa personal injury attorneys are dedicated to handling every aspect of your case while you focus on healing. We will:

  • Spend time getting to know you, and how you were impacted by the accident.
  • Find the most qualified Tampa area doctors to treat and document your injuries.
  • Send investigators to gather evidence for your case.
  • Complete and file the paperwork from insurance companies and hospitals.

Negligent Motorists In Tampa

Driver negligence is the most common reason for a motorist being at fault in an accident. Inattentiveness, ignoring safe turns and failure to yield the right of way are examples of negligence that play a significant role in a major accident.

Even though injuries to a bicyclist are often far greater than those to a driver, many drivers and insurance companies will attempt to point the finger at the cyclist. Although rider error is frequently cited as a contributing factor in an accident, police investigations are the key to determining who was at fault and why.

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At Farah & Farah personal injury lawyers, we provide representation on a contingency fee basis, meaning we don’t charge any legal fees until we successfully win your case. There is no risk, and you provide no initial investment while we work on recovering the compensation you deserve.

We’re here to answer any questions you have about your personal injury, your rights and what to do next. We understand the impact of your injuries and want to work with you to alleviate some of your financial and emotional stress, so you can focus on getting back to your healthy lifestyle.

Call us 24/7 for a free, no obligation consultation. We’re ready to help you move forward.

The Aftermath of a Bicycle Accident

Being in a bicycle accident can be a scary and traumatizing experience. During emotionally stressful times, it’s often difficult to follow a plan of action. Here’s a short checklist to help you:

  • Report the accident to police and your insurance.
  • Preserve any damaged property.
  • Make a diagram by sketching out the scene. Note date, time and weather conditions.
  • Take pictures of the damaged property, including injuries.
  • Have a bike shop manager assess and document damage to your bicycle.
  • Avoid talking about the accident on social media or speaking to anyone about your case other than your attorney.
  • Refrain from signing any documents provided by opposing insurance companies without consulting your attorney.

Types of Bike Accidents

Even when riding in designated bike lanes, cyclists need to be aware of the risks in sharing the road with other vehicles. Some common types of bike accidents include:

  • Stop signs and stop lights – motorists not yielding right of way.
  • Drivers turning left or right – visibility issues leading to drivers not reacting to cyclists.
  • Riding against traffic – cyclists riding the wrong way.
  • Exiting from a private drive – cyclists entering a roadway from an alley, sidewalk or driveway.
  • Getting “doored” – a parked driver opens their door into the path of the cyclist.



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