Tampa Rideshare Accident Attorney

Your safety was endangered when you were in your accident and you might be feeling frustrated, confused and hurt. The reason you called Lyft or Uber in the first place was to get where you were going safely, but now the driver’s negligence has turned your world upside down.

At Farah & Farah, our clients have trusted us to help them recover from accidents and injuries. Our Tampa rideshare accident attorneys produce positive results for your case because they’re determined to build relationships, communicate advice from best practices and process all necessary documentation effectively.

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What to Expect From Us

With the Tampa injury lawyers from Farah & Farah, you’re choosing a partner that will spend time getting to know the impact you suffered because of your rideshare accident and fight for what you lost. You can rest and recover while we handle every aspect of your case. Our team will focus on:

  • Completing and filing all paperwork associated with insurance companies, medical providers and rideshare companies.
  • Finding doctors to treat, rehabilitate and document your injuries.
  • Investigating the accident, getting police reports and interviewing witnesses.

Who is Liable in a Rideshare Accident?

As a driver or passenger in a rideshare accident, liability can be confusing. Is the rideshare driver automatically at fault, or was it the other party? Even determining whether the driver’s personal insurance is needed or if the rideshare company’s policy applies can be a complex process.

The legal requirements of negligence must be met for the at-fault driver. Both sides can spend time and resources investigating the incident and obtaining information to support their case.

Police reports, witnesses and rideshare company records can all be used as evidence. Our rideshare accident attorneys in Tampa will stand with you and use our experience to help unlock all the variables in place to determine who’s liable.

How Much Is My Rideshare Accident Worth?

Since every accident is different, there’s no method for instantly determining the worth of each case. Fortunately, there are some damages that are easy to calculate, while others require a deeper understanding of the law.

Easily calculated damages include past and future medical bills and property loss. The documented expenses inflicted give worth to the case.

Other claimable damages include intangible harms, such as pain & suffering, mental anguish, disability, loss of enjoyment of life and inconvenience. Although more difficult to prove, our attorneys can increase the worth of your case through these types of damages.

At Farah & Farah, we work on a contingency fee basis. We invest in your case, while your initial cost is $0. It’s simple: You don’t pay for anything unless we win your case.

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