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Mention Daytona Beach and almost immediately the Daytona 500 pops into mind. With the beautiful sandy beaches, many popular events throughout the year, and a lot of traffic, there unfortunately is just a greater risk that some form of accident or injury will occur. That’s why we put our Daytona Beach law firm’s offices just off busy Beville Road (SR400), so that our auto accident and personal injury attorneys could do the most good for the most people. 


When an accident has damaged your property, taken away the ability to do something you once loved, or worse, taken someone you loved, it’s time to get help from trusted attorneys in Daytona Beach.

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Why Clients Trust Farah and Farah’s Daytona Beach Lawyers

Alyssa H.

Michelle Hall is amazing, she went above and beyond to help me out and make sure I was taken care of. And helped make sure I was 100% ok with everything ahead of time.”

Susan S.

“If you need and attorney I would highly recommend David Keirce at Farah and Farah. I’m glad I took a chance! Thank you David and Davina for all you have done. We have success.”

Tonia K.

My experience with Farah and Farah was an awesome experience. David Kerce and Michelle Hall were right beside me every step of the way. I highly recommend this firm!”

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If you are injured in an accident in Daytona Beach, chances are your first priority is seeking medical help. After your trip to Halifax medical, the real pain can begin once the dust settles and you get into the claims process with your insurance company. When you aren’t offered everything needed to make you whole again, our lawyers in Daytona Beach stand ready to hold the insurance company accountable. 


Adding incredible depth to our team as an experienced Daytona Beach lawyer is David Kerce. David and the seasoned team of attorneys in Daytona Beach hold particular expertise in crafting the legal strategies that win personal injury cases. As a client-first law firm in Daytona, our focus remains on openly communicating with our clients every step of the way. Read more about the men and women making up the Farah and Farah team.

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Lawyers in Daytona Beach Serving Daytona Beach

What we do as a Daytona Beach law firm goes so far beyond effective legal strategies and winning cases. While these are definitely important, we want to be a law firm that encourages everyone in our organization to serve in their own communities, where they see they can do the most good. Using our resources for bettering our community is at the heart of what it means to be a client-first firm. 

A few of the many service events our team is honored to be a part of in Daytona Beach include:

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Our entire team of skilled lawyers, savvy investigators, tireless case managers, and other legal support staff are all on the same team – yours. The Daytona Beach lawyers at our firm don’t stop fighting until you get the maximum compensation you deserve. When you or someone you love has been hurt in an accident in Daytona Beach, it’s time to go over your options so you can chart a path forward towards recovery. Contact us however is most convenient for you – via the contact form below, calling (386) 267-6921, or by opening the chat box on your screen. Our team is always available to help you – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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