Florida Premises Liability on Property Lawyers

Slip and Fall on Property

You are injured in a slip and fall in a place of business or another person’s property. You are considering filing a Jacksonville premises liability claim, which is a form of personal injury.

You might have a claim if reasonable precautions were not taken by the property owner. You might not have a claim if you were illegally trespassing. Were you careful on the property? Were these dangerous conditions that would have caused almost anyone to fall, even if they were sober and alert? Did you suffer a serious injury?

Those are some of the questions that need to be asked and answered before we determine if you have a slip and fall action on any property.

Unsafe Premises in Florida

Also, the nature of the property itself needs to be evaluated. Because property can change under various conditions, the security of the property can also change. Following a storm, there may be branches and electrical wires down. Was the area cordoned off or was there a warning? Did the owner know about the hazard and was there time to erect the warning or otherwise respond?

With a property that contains known hazards such as a swimming pool, the question must be asked of the property owner whether there was a gate to keep young children out of the pool without supervision. Without a gate, a pool could be called an “attractive nuisance” that just by its nature, lures the young to play. The jury will understand if a child is attracted to play in a pool area and is injured, more so than if the person was a trespasser or an adult who should have known better.

Claims Against a Florida Property Owner

If an adult is careless and trespassing or ignoring warning signs, in other words taking risks, their claim will be greatly diminished.

If the property owner was negligent and failed to secure a nuisance attractive to children, or negligent in failing to warn of an open hazard that clearly could cause injury, the victim has a much stronger premises liability claim against that property owner.

Whether your accident occurred in a public area such as a  store, the parking lot,  or workplace, the Jacksonville slip and fall attorneys at Farah & Farah can help you pursue your claim for the best possible outcome and the compensation you deserve.

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