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How Long Does a Car Accident Settlement Take?


After a car accident, it’s only natural to wonder how long does it take for a car accident settlement to go through? The answer can vary depending on the circumstances surrounding your car accident. No two car accidents — or settlements — are quite the same, and it can take anywhere from weeks to years to settle a case. It can take this long because the insurance company wants to turn over every stone to paint a picture that favors them. However, a skilled car accident may be able to expedite your case and shorten your settlement process.

Farah & Farah has the sizable resources necessary to investigate and settle your claim. Our attorneys have recovered $2 billion dollars for our clients — and we want to help you get the full amount you are owed.

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What Factors Affect How Long Car Accident Settlements Take?

The length of a car accident settlement depends on the specific circumstances surrounding your case. Certain factors that affect how long a car accident settlement can last include the severity of your injuries, recovery time, who is liable, the willingness of the insurance company, the size of your settlement, and gathering evidence.

Learn more about the factors that may impact the timeline of your car accident settlement.

Injury Severity and Recovery Time

One of the most important things after an accident is properly recovering from your injuries. As you may expect, more minor injuries take less time to heal than larger injuries. During your recovery time, you may be dealing with looming medical bills and an uncertain idea about the extent of your injuries. Meanwhile, you may have to miss work and lose out on paychecks to pay for your recovery.

We don’t think you should waste a second during your recovery. We handle the complex stuff and get moving on your case quickly. That way, you won’t have to worry about your case while you recover from your injuries.

Determining Liability

Understanding who is liable for the accident can affect the length of your car accident settlement. Other factors, like comparative negligence, can affect your case. Contesting accident liability may include thorough investigations and other time-intensive activities. During this time, the insurance companies may drag their feet and do everything possible to meet you at the negotiation table. Often they know that if they stonewall you for long enough, the case may be thrown out completely.

You deserve clear answers about the circumstances of your case. Our attorneys are ready to go to the mattresses on your behalf and fight for what’s right.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are businesses at their heart, and often, they will do anything to protect their bottom dollar. They will go through your case with a fine tooth comb to find anything that devalues your claim. Even after your claim has been ruled valid, they may delay sending out your settlement. Both the opposition and your insurance company may try to lowball or devalue your claim. Hiring a car accident attorney can help you cut through the noise and get the full amount you are owed.

You don’t have to fight the insurance company by yourself. They have teams of lawyers on your side, and you deserve the same. From day one of your claim, we will stand by your side and ensure that justice is done.

Large Amounts Of Money

Because insurance companies are businesses, they will try to avoid losing their money. Cases with significant settlements are often delayed to avoid payment. Delaying payments is one way that the insurance company tries to force your hand. The rationale is that you will get tired of waiting and offer to accept less than your case is worth.

Don’t let the insurance company strongarm your case. Our attorneys deal with the sneaky, underhanded tactics of the insurance company regularly. We won’t let them pull the wool over your eyes. We want to help you experience the total value of your case.

Number of Damages

Similarly, many types of damages are involved in a car accident, including economic, non-economic, and punitive damages. The combined value of these sums can quickly tally up. For example, a car accident that involves a spinal cord injury can quickly skyrocket past $1 million. It’s easy to see why a company driven by profit margins would be less than excited to pay out that kind of settlement. Unfortunately, more damages often means there’s more opportunities for the insurance company to diminish your suffering.

It’s important to fully understand your eligibility for car accident damages. Otherwise, you risk settling for less. A lawyer can help you account for your expenses and find a figure matching your emotional and physical suffering.

Evidence Collection

Persuasive cases are made by procuring strong evidence. A lot of evidence is necessary to demonstrate the severity of your injuries and show how the accident changed your quality of life. It takes time and resources to gather evidence. At the same time, the insurance company will try to collect evidence that points the blame at you. Securing key evidence like eyewitness accounts, medical records, and expert testimony is essential for ensuring a favorable settlement.

You need an attorney with the skills and resources to investigate every facet of your case. From the moment you contact Farah & Farah, we will deploy a team of people to secure personal evidence that validates your claim.

Settling Your Car Accident Case Can Take Some Time. Contact Us Today

Getting the justice you deserve for your case can be an uphill battle. While there is no exact answer to the question “how long do auto accident settlements take,” you can be confident that there are many roadblocks to receiving a swift and fair recovery. You need a lawyer who knows the facts surrounding your case and is ready to fight.

Our Florida car accident attorneys have seen it all. And we have helped our clients maximize the size of their settlement. We are passionate about helping those in need. That’s why we won’t charge you a thing unless we win your case.

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