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Hernia mesh, or surgical mesh, is a treatment for hernias that is intended to provide support to tissue that is damaged or weak. After a hernia has occurred once, if the hole or weakness in the muscle or tissue remains, it’s easier for a hernia to return – even after surgical repair. Hernia mesh is used in hernia repair to strengthen the mend and to decrease the rate of recurrence of a hernia.

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What Is Hernia Mesh?

However, thousands of patients have experienced complications with their hernia mesh, including infections, perforation of their organs, and mesh failures. Furthermore, thousands of lawsuits have been filed against the companies that manufactured the hernia mesh to hold them responsible for the complications experienced by patients.

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Hernia Mesh Complications And Risks

Hernia repair surgery with surgical hernia mesh carries a variety of complications and risks. The most common of these complications can include:

  • Pain
  • Adhesion
  • Infection
  • Recurrence of a hernia
  • Obstruction of the bowels
  • Contraction, or shrinkage, of the mesh
  • Mesh migration
  • Tissue Erosion
  • Internal Bleeding

Despite the benefits of using hernia mesh, which includes decreasing the recurrences of the hernias, using surgical hernia mesh has been found to have a higher risk of other complications. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, the benefits of using hernia mesh to prevent recurrences of a hernia are offset by the disadvantages that come with using it.


A common complication from surgery involving hernia mesh is an increased risk of infections. Because these infections can occur even years after the fact, any unexplained fever in a patient with hernia mesh should consider a hernia mesh infection as a possible cause. These infections have been found to occur in as many as 8% of patients who have hernia mesh.

Hernia Recurrence

If the hernia mesh fails, the original hernia will often return in the same spot. This second hernia may be worse if the mesh has eroded and weakened the muscle surrounding the hernia.

Tissue Erosion and Internal Bleeding

If the tissues surrounding it, such as muscles or organs, then internal bleeding may occur. Internal bleeding is a serious health risk that can cause severe abdominal pain, anemia, scarring, permanent tissue damage, and even death (if not treated immediately). Internal bleeding may require blood transfusions and surgery.

FDA Recalls on Surgical Hernia Mesh

Patients who had surgical hernia mesh used in their hernia repair surgeries reported the complications listed above. This prompted the FDA to investigate the types of surgical hernia mesh that were causing those complications and to order a recall of them. According to the FDA’s analyses of those recalled hernia meshes, the recalled meshes were the ones that most frequently caused such complications as bowel obstruction and intestinal perforation.

Patients who have had a hernia repair surgery that used surgical hernia mesh can check on the status of their particular brand and type of hernia mesh at the FDA’s website for medical recalls. Some of the recalled brands include:

  • C-QUR — Atrium (Maquet, Getinge Group)
  • Paritex — Covidien (Medtronic)
  • Kugel, PerFix, 3dMax, Ventralex — C.R. Bard (Davol)

Hernia Mesh Brand Manufacturing Company C-QUR Atrium (Maquet, Getinge Group) Paritex Covidien (Medtronic) Kugel, PerFix, 3dMax, Ventralex C.R. Bard (Davol) Physiomesh Flexibly, Prolen, Proceed Surgical Ethicon (Johnson & Johnson)

Hernia Mesh and Informed Consent

In many cases, patients did not give their informed consent to have a hernia mesh implanted. What is informed consent? According to the American Medical Association, informed consent is more than just signing a piece of paper. It is the entire communication process between a patient and his or her doctor. The information is complete and includes an understanding of the procedure, the risks and benefits, the alternatives, and the risks of not undergoing the procedure. There should be a period of time where the patient does his own research and thinks about what he’s been told.

Informed Consent is both an ethical and legal obligation in all 50 states, and often Farah & Farah’s personal injury attorneys find there is not adequate written evidence that the patient was provided with enough information to make an informed decision before undergoing a procedure.

Litigation Against Hernia Mesh Manufacturers

As many as 54,000 patients have filed lawsuits against hernia mesh manufacturers for device failures and for infections caused by the hernia mesh. Atrium, in particular, is facing more than 435 lawsuits over its C-QUR hernia mesh, which is coated in fish oil in order to prevent adverse side effects. Plaintiffs claim, however, that the fish oil is actually the cause of their problems with the hernia mesh.

In past years, several lawsuits against hernia mesh manufacturers have been successful for the plaintiffs. Johnson & Johnson paid $120 million in settlements for 3,000 cases in 2016, Endo International paid $830 million in 2014 to settle 20,000 different lawsuits, and C.R. Bard paid $319 million, also in 2014, in settlements for 6,000 lawsuits.

When Should I Consider a Hernia Mesh Lawsuit?

Have you experienced complications with your hernia mesh, such as infection or perforation? Have you had to undergo further surgeries to repair the damage? Was your hernia mesh recalled? Have you experienced any other health problems due to having hernia mesh used in your hernia repair surgery? Was your hernia mesh implanted after 2005? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you may have a case against the manufacturer of your hernia mesh.

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