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June 27, 2023

Farah & Farah Wins $1.5 Million Settlement for Semi-Truck Accident Victim

BRADLEY ROBINSON wins $1500000 for client in truck accident

An ongoing lawsuit recently came to a dramatic conclusion for one Farah & Farah client in Savannah, GA. Farah & Farah attorney Bradley Robinson helped the victim of a trucking accident receive a life-changing $1,500,000 settlement in mediation this year after nearly three years of negotiations.

Thanks to Bradley and Farah & Farah’s Savannah team of truck accident lawyers, the client was able to receive appropriate compensation from the insurance company that tried to undervalue the case. To learn more, we spoke with Bradley himself.

Savannah Man Injured in Semi-Truck Accident

In 2020, a Savannah resident was turning into their driveway when an 18-wheeler semi-truck suddenly rear-ended them. The accident resulted in multiple neck and spinal injuries, which required lumbar and cervical fusion surgeries. The initial accident and injuries began a difficult road for the Savannah resident.

“Initially, the man attempted to return to work, but quickly realized this would be impossible due to the extent of his injuries,” Bradley shared. “With no other means of income, the victim’s financial situation looked bleak. That’s why the victim sought legal representation from a prominent law firm to fight for compensation.”

Bradley continued, “But almost a year later, no real progress had been made. That’s when we met. My Savannah team and I took on this man’s case and began laying the groundwork for a brighter future.”

The Opposition Didn’t Want To Pay

“When I first met my client in 2021, he wanted to resolve the issue quickly. After being unable to work for over a year, my client was desperate for financial help. We initially offered the opposition a settlement of $300,000,” Bradley said.

“The opposition wanted to dispute that settlement amount. They claimed that my client’s work history and bodily strain were responsible for his surgeries, so they weren’t liable. They based this angle off of a single complaint in 2018 that my client made to his doctor about lower back pain.”

“My team wasn’t willing to accept that, though,” Bradley continued. “We actually secured video evidence of the accident that changed everything. So we retracted our settlement offer before the defense submitted their response.”

It had become clear that our client deserved much higher compensation.

Video Evidence Changed Medical Expert’s Opinion

“Procuring dash camera evidence of the truck accident was the turning point for my client,” Bradley said. “The trucking company’s own video clearly showed the driver in a distracted state at the time of the accident. There was a moment when the driver took their eyes off the road while looking for their chewing tobacco. When they looked back up, it was too late to avoid rear-ending my client.”

“The opposition brought in several experts to back their claims that the accident was unrelated to the victim’s surgeries and medical conditions,” Bradley explained. “When the opposition’s medical expert saw the dash cam footage of the accident, they changed their mind in deposition. They ultimately related the cervical surgery to the accident and gave no opinion on whether the lumbar surgery was related. This was a big win for us and helped seal the deal for my client’s recovery.”

The Long Road Through Litigation

“When we prepare for litigation, we work up the case as if it’s going all the way to trial. We immediately started gathering evidence, spoke with experts, and prepared for what could be a long and intense process. From the accident in the summer of 2020, our client had to endure nearly three years of stress and uncertainty. During this time, it was clear that our client would be unable to work or have other means of income, so we helped him get the financial aid he needed with pre-settlement funding,” Bradley said.

The entire legal process spanned multiple states and cities before its successful conclusion in 2023.

An Impressive Victory and Life-Changing Payout

“The opposition actually settled on the $1.5 million payout in mediation,” Bradley shared. “The fulfilling part for me is knowing that my client and his family received the compensation they so clearly deserved. You could see the sense of immense relief on his face after this life-changing outcome.”

“Seeing a client regain stability after such an exhausting experience is one of my favorite parts of what we do here at Farah & Farah. For our clients, it’s not all about the settlement amount. It’s about finally having the opportunity to move on – physically, mentally, and emotionally – after a trying time in their lives.”

If You’ve Been Injured, Talk With One of Our Attorneys

At Farah & Farah, we are here to help guide you through your legal options after an accident. Our team of talented attorneys relies on decades of legal insight and experience to fight for the compensation you deserve. Reach out to our team today.

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