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June 14, 2021

Farah & Farah Investigator Makes Lifelong Friendship Through Mentorship

Bill Scull at Mentorship Event

Encouraging employees to participate in the causes that matter in their communities, Farah and Farah investigator, Bill Scull, wound up making a lifelong friend at a mentorship event. We’ll tell the story of how this tough investigator with a heart of gold would be paired with an at-risk Jacksonville youth and make a connection that’s made it through thick, thin, and everything in between. 

“It Was All Eddie’s Idea…”

When Bill Scull attended his first mentorship event, it was at Eddie Farah’s suggestion. The busy father was an active investigator with the firm and spent his days traveling throughout town to help gather evidence for cases. Bill joined the firm when there were still only a handful of attorneys at Farah and Farah but even from the beginning serving in the community was a priority. Eddie invited Bill to the event that night because Eddie knew Bill’s character and how good of a father he was to his own son. Getting to the mentorship meeting that night, Bill had no idea what to expect but knew he was there for a purpose. 

Interestingly enough, Bill’s first pairing was changed at the last minute and Bill ended up with Roderick Terry. The two haven’t stopped being active in each other’s lives ever since. 

You Don’t Know What a Tough Life Looks Like

You can’t really understand how bad someone’s situation is until you’ve lived it, walked a mile in their shoes. Roderick Terry grew up in a single-parent household as one of four children to an incredibly hard-working mother. A service veteran who would end up working three jobs at times to support her family, Roderick’s mother did her best to provide a stable household. Still, being looked to as the man of the house even from a young age, Roderick faced a mountain of obstacles in his life. 

“Not Used to Someone Being Serious About Being in My Life”

Getting paired with Bill that day, Roderick says, changed his life forever. Bill became a very tangible person in Roderick’s life simply by being there. Bill encouraged Roderick in school, yelled at the top of his lungs at Roderick’s high school graduation, and continues to encourage him in his pursuit of a college degree. Memories like high school graduation, getting to go to the NFL Experience at the Superbowl together, and even Bill serving as best man in Roderick’s wedding are the flashpoints in a long line of little events big and small that define a lifelong friendship. 

Now, as a married father of four Roderick says he still calls “Mr. Bill” a few times a week just to see how he’s doing. “Words can’t express how good he’s been to me”, says Roderick. Even with four children of his own and putting in long shifts at work, Roderick has still found time to nearly complete his AA degree. Despite everything he’s faced, Roderick has a warm and friendly personality that makes strangers friends in a matter of moments. A born leader, Roderick loves his family, his church, and his community, acting as an incredible example for the next generation for what hard work and determination looks like. 

Never one to want accolades, Bill Scull would never claim credit for Roderick’s success and oftentimes wishes he could have done more. But he sees Roderick as his own son, and as such is just a parent who does their best to support their child through life. Bill admits his heart sometimes skips a beat when he sees Roderick’s number pop up, fearing the call could be bad news, but even so, he relishes their regular phone conversations and visits. When asked what’s next for the two friends, without hesitation Bill says, “I’ll be in his life as long as he wants me to be.”

The Community-First Attorney in Jacksonville

Being there for your community means so much more than just being a law firm with skilled attorneys and investigators. When people are hurt, we fight – but sometimes the fight is against poverty, hunger, or other challenges facing our home. Farah and Farah has taken on this fight since day one, always making sure our community is better off because of our presence here.

Real change takes commitment which is why we’re so proud to be able to continue our Farah and Farah Empowering Greatness scholarship program. In fact, this year we’ve decided to do even more for Florida students. We’re going to provide 5 students with full, 2-year Florida College degrees, as well as continued mentorship throughout the course of study to ensure their success. We do this because our community, and especially our next generation of leaders, is worth that. For all interested applicants, the program will be accepting applications through September 10, 2021. 

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If anyone in our community ever has a legal issue they need guidance with, we’re available any time of the day or night. Contact us now.

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