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March 27, 2023

Helping Clients Find Their Voice


“Don’t feel like you need to know everything.”

Farah & Farah is celebrating Women’s History Month this March to honor their remarkable female attorneys’ hard work and accomplishments. We spoke to Dalya Farah, a medical malpractice and personal injury attorney, about making women’s leadership a priority and being a guide to her clients.

Why Did You Decide to Become an Attorney? What Inspired You?

Solving Cases With a Humanized Approach

Growing up around a family working in the field of law, Dalya witnessed from an early age what it means to be an attorney. This inspired Dalya to have an occupation as an attorney and help clients get through traumatic situations through a personal, humanized approach. She proudly mentioned, “every client has a different story, and it’s important to put a face to the case and remember that everyone is only human.” 

Above all, Dalya enjoys the problem-solving and research that is involved with working in the legal field and finds herself inspired by the challenges and triumphs each day.

What Accomplishments at Farah & Farah are You Most Proud Of?

Building Teams and Making an Impact

Working for many years with the practice, Dalya finds immense gratification in the team she’s helped build in the department. Previously, she brought in a legal nurse assistant and other professionals to the team. Dalya communicated that nothing gives her more satisfaction than working collectively with other professionals who continue to encourage her each day.

In her client work, Dalya is proud of the impact of the final settlements that have truly changed people’s lives. One woman she worked with owned a preschool not just for work, but for her own personal passion. She was losing wages, and Dalya brought her story to life and aided her in regaining that lost income.

Why Is Women’s History and Recognition Important to You?

Showing the Value of Women Leaders, Past and Present

To Dalya, the theme of women’s history and recognition starts by showing the value of having women in leadership. At Farah & Farah, HR is managed by a woman, there are events planned for women attorneys to build their work relationships, and even a women’s litigator group for collaboration on different projects. Dalya has also seen more females grow into the roles of mediators and judges.

Dalya continues to be moved by the previous and current female leaders that show up and provide courage, warmth, and wit in the workplace.

What Women Leaders Do You Admire and Why?

Rooting for the Underdog: Erin Brockovich

As an American activist, Erin Brockovich inspires Dalya as a legal professional who has been instrumental in human-driven law practices. Brockovich made a great case for the people who were getting increasingly ill from a factory polluting the water and surrounding environment. 

Dalya mentioned that Erin “represents the underdog” in a similar way that she seeks to do in her work. Rooting for the underdog in her practice means getting to help people have a voice in the settlement process and secure what they deserve. 

In Your Lifetime, What Challenges Have You Seen Women Overcome in Their Careers?

Proving Strength and Resilience

Fifty years ago, law firms looked different than they do now. Since women haven’t been the majority at firms there can be stereotypes that women are weaker and won’t fight as hard in a case as a man would, Dalya voiced. 

What Advice Would You Give to Women Who Are Looking to Enter the Field of Law?

Your Community Is Your Biggest Resource

Dalya’s best piece of advice to young women entering the law field was “Don’t feel like you need to know everything.” She continued and asserted that it’s important to get to know other professionals in the community, get involved in local bar associations, and build relationships because they can be a great resource for your career. Her last piece of advice is to be a guide for your clients and make them feel comfortable: “patience is more important than anything.”

Personally, Dalya also recently completed a marathon and is planning an attorney retreat. Through her hard work and perseverance, she continues to be an example for young women in Jacksonville and beyond.

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