Florida Fatal Accidents On Highway Down, DUI Up

Posted on September 26, 2008

Florida is seeing a reduction in the number of fatalities on our state’s highways.

For the second year in a row the number of traffic accidents is down as is the number of deaths from those accidents, down more than four percent from 2006. The Florida Highway Patrol believes people are becomming educated about safe driving, but let’s not forget that with the price of gas going up, some people are driving slower to conserve on precious fuel.

The number of injuries also decreased but only by one percent.

There is another side to these statistics – the number of alcohol-related fatalities is up more than 13 percent.

“Which means too many people are drinking and driving, making bad decisions, getting behind the wheel,” FHP Lt. Bill Leeper told Channel 4.

There is another story for motorcycles, the number of crashing is up just over two percent and the number of people injured in those crashes is up as well. Numbers on fatalities fluctuate year to year but let’s hope the cost of gasoline has something to do with the decrease in deaths on the highway.

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