“Daddy Quit Crying,” Girl Says To Dad Following Dog Bite

Posted on July 10, 2008

This could happen to anyone at any time.  

Last Saturday over the July 4th holiday, 9-year-old Miranda Miller spent the day at a family friend’;s house in Melrose, Florida. 

Miranda and the children played during the weekend along with the family’;s dog. The dog never showed any sign of aggression until they went inside for the evening.  The kids were coloring on the floor.

Miranda says “One of the pencils rolled away. It was the color I wanted. Then I stood up to go get it, and the dog bit me.”

That is an underestimate.  Her father saw the dog, a hound mix by all appearances in the newspaper photo, grab Miranda by the face and start shaking her.

Miller and a friend had to pull the dog off of Miranda.

The skin on her cheek was barely hanging on.  Miller and his wife, a nurse, made a fast run to Shands Hospital in Gainesville Florida, all the while Miranda telling her parents to “calm down and be quiet.”

Miller says he was the one “crying like a baby“.  “She (Miranda) got mad at me and said, ‘Daddy, quit crying.’; I just couldn’;t help it. It was just horrific.”

Three hours of surgery sewed the little girls face back together with 200 stitches in the right cheek.  After a  10-day quarantine, the owner has chosen to put the dog down.

Miller says his litter girl is his hero. 

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