Cruise Ship Jet Ski Accident Causes Death, Injuries

Posted on May 31, 2011

One passenger on the Carnival ship Sensation was killed and another seriously injured when the two were involved in a jet ski accident recently while on an excursion off the ship in the Bahamas. The injured passenger is in the hospital in the Bahamas, according to a report in The Sun-Sentinel. Their condition is unknown. The ship left Port Canaveral in Brevard County for a three-day trip to Nassau, Bahamas.

There is no more information from this story on the nature of the shore excursion injury accident.

When people are on a cruise, generally they are relaxed and let their guard down and may not be prepared for accidents that happen at sea. From slip and falls, known as premises liability, to sexual assaults, accidents while on shore, theft, falling down a stairway, a drowning or near-drowning in a swimming pool, an accident on a gangway, or falling overboard — all of these events can happen while on a cruise.

The cruise company has a responsibility to provide a reasonably safe environment within which you can enjoy your vacation and it is supposed to oversee excursion operators to make sure they follow the safety protocols and training of adult users before they go out on a personal watercraft.

But don’t expect the cruise industry to take responsibility for your injury at sea. The cruise industry will point to the fine print on the back of a ticket to restrict how and when you can file a personal injury claim. Farah & Farah understands the fine print. It’s all designed to make it difficult to take the industry to court.

While we don’t know what happened to cause this cruise ship accident, our experienced Florida cruise ship accident lawyers would want to begin an investigation immediately to determine what happened. Our experienced attorneys will file an action in the proper jurisdiction within the time restrictions dictated by Carnival. Additionally, we would consider whether or not a third party’s negligence may have been involved. All of this is necessary so we can help you hold liable the entities responsible for your personal injury.

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