Crib Recall After Infant Dies

Posted on October 24, 2008

An 8-month-old child has died after becoming entrapped and suffocating in a Delta Enterprise Co. drop side crib, so nearly 1.6 million cribs are being recalled.

The death was due to a safety peg that was not installed. This allowed the crib locks to become disengaged and detach creating a hazardous gap. That apparently led to the entrapment and suffocation of the baby. And there was another baby reported to have died, but there are no details.

The Delta Enterprise Corp. of New York cribs are manufactured in Taiwan or Indonesia and have the drop side hardware design. The model numbers are listed on the Consumer Product Safety Commission web site.

Unfortunately many cribs are never recalled, but remain in people’s homes, in day care centers or are resold in second-hand stores.

Look for not only the model number for the date code ranging from 1995 through December 2005. However, just to confuse things, one model (4624) was made in 2007. Look on the top of the mattress support board to find the model number and find the numbers on their web site Parents and caregivers should not continue to use the crib until the replacement parts are installed.

These cribs were sold at major retailers such as Walmart, Kmart and for about $100.00 from January 1995 to September 2007.

Consumers can call Delta and receive a repair kit that contains the missing safety peg that goes on any leg of the crib. The pegs come in a bold color and an added warning label should be affixed to the mattress board. Delta’s toll free number is 1-800-816-5304 or log onto their website to order the replacement kit at no charge.

Obviously a crib with a missing part can be a hazard for a small child who can become wedged and unable to extract himself. Please use common sense and check the drop side crib to make sure the moving parts operate as they should and do not leave gaps. And please forget using what’s in your kitchen to repair a crib. A defective product needs attention from the manufacturer, not your duct tape.

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