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Nicole Thompson Personal Injury Attorney in Valdosta, GA

Posted on March 17, 2023

“Have thick skin and learn to work with different personalities.”

Farah & Farah is celebrating Women’s History Month this March to honor their remarkable female attorneys’ hard work and accomplishments. We spoke to one of the team’s Valdosta personal injury attorneys, Nicole Thompson, about her experience as a woman in the field and how she’s been able to build relationships as a mentor in her office.

Why Did You Decide to Become an Attorney? What Inspired You? 

A Dedication to Succeed and Passion for People

Nicole knew from a very young age that she desired to work in law and become an attorney. Her inspiration, she explained excitedly, was her passion for helping people and dedication to succeed. 

Nicole truly believes it’s her “never give up” attitude and thick skin that have helped her get ahead and achieve her dreams as an attorney.

What Accomplishments at Farah & Farah Are You Most Proud Of?

Building Teams and Becoming a Mentor

At Farah & Farah Nicole is most proud of being a mentor to her peers. While she started from the bottom and has been able to work her way up, she now manages a team herself and enjoys seeing the employees she trained grow with the company, too. 

In her office, three receptionists have now become case managers due to Nicole’s continued support and encouragement. As a proud mentor, nothing makes Nicole more gratified in the workplace than building solid relationships with her team and working to keep the people around her happy.

Why Is Women’s History and Recognition Important to You?

Not Just a “Career Woman”

Working in a male-dominated industry, Nicole affirmed how important it is to show how women are moving up as litigators and managers in the field of law. Nicole further stated, “It’s important to show that we are capable of not just being successful career women, but that I’m a mom, attorney, and a wife. I have a two-year-old child and I’m able to do it all.” 

What Women Leaders Do You Admire and Why?

Fighting for Equality: Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Michelle Obama

Since there are so many amazing women to choose from, Nicole agreed with her peers that Michelle Obama and Ruth Bader Ginsburg are women to be admired. Nicole added that she idolizes both of these women because “they’re all about women’s rights, reproductive rights, and being treated as equals”. 

In Your Lifetime, What Challenges Have You Seen Women Overcome in Their Careers?

Wearing Different Hats and Working to Gain Respect

While there are more women in law firms today than there were a few decades ago, Nicole alluded that women today still have to work a lot harder to gain the respect of their male counterparts— ”Women today have to wear many different hats and are constantly pulled in different directions in their careers and personal lives”. 

What Advice Would You Give to Women Who are Looking to Enter the Field of Law?

Have Thick Skin and Work With a Team You Admire

Nicole explained that she worked hard to get to where she is today as an attorney. Her advice for young people is to “Have thick skin, and learn to work with different personalities.” 

Nine years ago In 2014, Nicole found a home at Farah & Farah. Since then, she has helped grow the Georgia offices one leader at a time. Above all, Nicole believes in growing with a team you love and making an impact for years to come.


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