Bicyclist Killed by Hit-and-Run Driver in Lakeland

Posted on January 10, 2011

In Lakeland, Florida, a 68-year old man from Vermilion, Ohio was riding his bicycle when he was struck and killed by a vehicle that left the scene of the fatal accident, according to The Morning Journal.

A 54-year-old woman was driving southbound on US 98 North, and reportedly drifted off the road and into the man. The article reports she was seen driving erratically before the deadly Florida bike collision. The driver then made the mistake of fleeing the scene after which she reportedly struck a Chrysler van, and then a Kia Sorento whose drivers were trying to apprehend her. A short time later the woman was taken into custody, treated for minor injuries, and then charged with leaving the scene of a Florida bike crash with death and property damage. Toxicity tests were taken and further charges are pending.

Our condolences are extended to the friends and family of this man who was tragically killed through no fault of his own.

If the details of this report are accurate, the female driver is facing serious charges. Under Florida law, “the driver of a vehicle involved in a crash [. . .] that results in the death of any person must immediately stop the vehicle [. . .] and remain at the scene…” If a driver fails to stop at the scene of an accident that results in a fatality, they can be charged with a first degree felony (Fl Statutes Title XXII 316.027). The maximum sentence for a first degree felony is a $10,000 fine and as much as 30 years in prison.

Hit-and-Run Reward is a national program financed exclusively by American personal injury attorneys who believe if you report a hit-and-run driver you will not only feel good by keeping a dangerous driver off the road, but you could receive a financial reward of $1,000 for anyone you turn in who is later convicted of the hit-and-run.

The number for Hit-and-Run Reward is 1-800-644-8678. The Florida motorcycle crash lawyers at Farah & Farah law firm believe fewer offenders will leave the scene of a car accident if they know they can be turned in by witnesses. If you are involved in an accident, whatever you do, do not leave the scene.

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