11-Year-Old Girl Falls Off Marlins Park Rock Climbing Wall in Miami

Posted on May 31, 2012

An 11-year-old girl is recovering at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami after a fall of nearly 20 feet at a Marlins Park rock-climbing wall.

The girl, who was with her family at the stadium to watch the Marlins vs. Giants game, was first in line to climb the wall when it opened. When she reached the top, her safety harness failed and she came crashing to the pavement. There was no padding on the ground to blunt the impact of the fall.

The girl’s father, who was at the rock-climbing wall and captured it all on cell phone video, watched in horror as the ordeal unfolded. “I’m just thinking be alive, be alive, be alive, that’s all that was in my head, be alive,” he told NBC 6 Miami.

Although the Marlins organization is investigating the cause of the accident, the girl’s father says he thinks that a steel cable that should have been connected to the harness wasn’t. The park immediately closed down the rock-climbing wall after the accident.

When NBC 6 asked the father who he thought might be responsible, he replied, “If I have a rock climbing wall at my house, and you come over to my party and your kid falls in my front yard, I would feel, I don’t even care who I hired, you’re at my house, my yard, I would feel responsible.”

At last report, the girl couldn’t move and was still in a neck brace. She also suffered a concussion in the fall.

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