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Is The Worst Speed Trap in the Country In Waldo, Florida?

By on September 30, 2014

It is a speed trap so notorious that the Automobile Association of America (AAA) named it one of only two “traffic traps” in the entire country. In fact, AAA was so incensed by the speed trap in the little town of Waldo, which sits on the junction of Highway 301 and 24 between Jacksonville and Gainesville, Florida, that it actually erected a billboard outside the town, warning residents to slow down before entering. If you are driving through Waldo, you should be advised that the speed limit changes six times along the short stretch of highway that runs through the city.
Is it a speed trap? You can be the judge: in 2013 seven Waldo officers issued 11,603 traffic citations. Now compare that with the much larger city of Gainesville to the southwest: it has a police force of 300 officers that issued 25,461 tickets. The average number of tickets issued per police officer in Waldo in 2013 was 1,657 citations (or about 32 tickets issued per day overall). The average number of citations issued per officer in Gainesville worked out to about 85 tickets in 2013. Read the rest »

Posted in: Traffic Violation

Can Police Search Your Vehicle Without a Warrant in Florida?

By on November 20, 2013

Florida Vehicle SearchSo, you have been stopped for a traffic violation. You could have been stopped for something as simple as broken taillight or a damaged windshield. You have been asked for your license and registration and now the officer has asked if he can search your vehicle.

Can he or she search your car without a warrant?

That depends if the officer believes that he or she has probable cause to search your automobile. Probable cause, in the case of a traffic stop, can be a rather vague and relative term. For instance, an officer can say that he smells marijuana coming from your vehicle, which he can then claim gives him probable cause to search your car. Even if drugs are not in plain sight, an officer may be allowed to search your glove compartment or trunk while conducting his search.

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Florida Supreme Court To Hear Right-Light Camera Challenge

By on August 26, 2013

Florida Traffic CamerasIt seems like nothing seems to polarize a community more than red-light traffic cameras. While proponents of the controversial system believe that the traffic cameras encourage safer driving practices, opponents insist that the cameras are merely money-making machines designed to enrich the state and the camera companies, but do little to generate income for local communities.

The Florida Supreme Court has decided it will hear a challenge to red-light cameras that were installed in Palm Coast before July 1, 2010. A state law kicked in that allowed cities in Florida to run such systems after that date.

Those opposed to the cameras have charged that Palm Coast set up 10 cameras when state law “preempted” cities and counties from enacting red-light camera ordinances.

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