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Pharmasuits Archives | Farah & Farah

The Link Between Cancer and Talcum Powder

By on October 7, 2016

Manufactured by many different companies, talcum powder is one of the most famous products in existence. Commonly labeled as “baby powder,” by the company Johnson & Johnson, the product contains an ingredient, known as talc, that has been linked to cases of cancer. Despite frequent claims of safety being pushed forth by manufacturers, several claims have been filed by women who believe that their ovarian cancer was caused by talcum powder. If you are a former or current user of talcum powder, you may find the following information to be immensely important. Read the rest »

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Understanding the Risks of Viagra

By on October 4, 2016

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that prevents a male from maintaining an erection when stimulated. Over the past few years, several prescription solutions to this problem have been introduced to the market, but few have been as popular as Viagra. Viagra, also known as Sildenafil, is a prescription drug that helps a male to maintain an erection when he is sexually aroused. The drug is also used to treat a condition known as pulmonary arterial hypertension in both men and women. Despite its immense popularity, there have been many adverse side effects associated with the drug. Read the rest »

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The Link Between Invokana and Ketoacidosis

By on September 30, 2016

Invokana is a popular drug that is often prescribed to individuals suffering from type-2 diabetes. Renowned for its ability to lower blood sugar and marketed heavily by its maker, Janssen, the drug has recently come under fire for its ability to cause a condition known as ketoacidosis in patients. If you or a loved one was prescribed Invokana and experienced ketoacidosis, please contact the law office of Farah & Farah in Jacksonville, Florida to better understand your rights. Read the rest »

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Talcum Powder Poisoning: The Hidden Danger of Baby Powder

By on September 27, 2016

There have been studies conducted on talcum powder over the last several decades, with many drawing a link between the powdery, white substance and cancer. Despite the attention given to ovarian cancer, few people know that talcum powder can actually be poisonous if ingested or inhaled in large amounts. Small children and babies are at an increased risk for these issues, especially if they suffer from certain heart and respiratory conditions. To learn more about this often overlooked threat, read the information below. Read the rest »

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Melanoma – The Unforeseen Side Effect of Viagra

By on September 23, 2016

For over two decades, Viagra has been seen as an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. Prescribed to millions of men worldwide, Viagra and its generic equivalent, Sildenafil, remains the standard for individuals suffering from sexual dysfunction. In recent years, however, many studies have suggested a link between Viagra and melanoma, a severe and potentially deadly form of skin cancer. If you or a loved has taken Viagra in the past, you will find the following information to be extremely relevant. Read the rest »

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What You Need to Know About the Side Effects of Invokana

By on September 20, 2016

Invokana is a popular drug that is frequently prescribed to patients suffering from type-2 diabetes. These patients often experience considerable spikes in blood sugar levels, especially after meals, and Invokana is usually prescribed in order to prevent this from occurring. The drug is produced by Janssen, and it is now believed to be capable of causing a variety of life-threatening side effects in patients. Over time, some of these side effects have been added to the drug’s warning label, but there are still many individuals who believe that they have been harmed by Invokana. If you are currently suffering from health problems, and you were prescribed Invokana in the past, the information below will be immensely helpful to you. Read the rest »

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Important News for Viagra Patients

By on September 16, 2016

Viagra, also marketed as Sildenafil, is used to combat erectile dysfunction and pulmonary arterial hypertension in millions of patients worldwide. Unfortunately, the drug has been linked to a series of potentially lethal side effects in some patients. Viagra has been studied extensively, and many of these studies have produced alarming results. If you or someone you know has taken Viagra or its generic equivalent in the past, the following information may be useful. Read the rest »

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Important Information for All Invokana Patients

By on September 13, 2016

Invokana has been championed as an effective solution for patients who struggle with type-2 diabetes, a condition in which the body has difficulty producing insulin. The drug belongs to a class of drugs called sodium glucose co-transporters 2 (SGLT2s), which also includes popular drugs such as Jardiance and Farxiga as well. Recently, there has been a massive debate about the potential for these drugs to cause life-threatening side effects in patients, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has even forced the maker of Invokana to change the warning label to reflect this. Read the rest »

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Have You Been Affected by the Pharmaceutical Industry’s Unethical Behavior?

By on September 9, 2016

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is responsible for ensuring that prescription drugs are safe for ingestion. In recent times, however, many critics of this exceptionally important government agency have emerged from around the country. Over the last few decades, an incalculable number of individuals have been harmed by drugs that were deemed safe by the FDA. Some of these drugs even led patients to develop life-threatening or deadly conditions. If you are concerned about the safety of your prescription drugs, you will find the following information to be extremely relevant. Read the rest »

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General Drug News and Your Rights as a Consumer

By on September 7, 2016

In the United States, we trust pharmaceutical companies and government agencies to ensure that our medicine is safe and effective. Unfortunately, this does not always happen, and profits and greed sometimes lead drug companies to engage in unsafe or dishonest practices. In recent times, however, numerous FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)-approved drugs have been found to be unsafe, even after undergoing rigorous testing. If you have been harmed by one of these unsafe drugs, the professionals at Farah & Farah are ready to fight for your rights. Read the rest »

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