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When Robo Call Says Hello – You Say Goodbye

By Farah & Farah on February 13, 2017

Have you ever received a call where the first question from the caller is “Can you hear me?”  Most of us have, but when a caller asks for you to say “Yes” it’s better to say “Goodbye.”

It’s part of a new scam by the telemarketing industry.

You may not even know that the caller is an automated system or robocall. It sounds casual enough and most of us have asked or been asked whether the call is clear, so you may not even be suspicious. 

But according to police departments across the country, Consumerist reports the scammers may be recording your voice saying, “yes.”

That voice recording may later be used to sign you up for a service, a home alarm system or a cruise- something you never wanted. You voice recording may confirm you agreed to charges on a stolen credit card, when you didn’t.

In one lawsuit filed by the Federal Trade Commission, telemarketers told consumers they would provide them with identity theft protection services if they signed up for a new Medicare card, all they would need to do is provide their bank account numbers. In those cases the fraudulent recording was used to confirm the agreement.

Another scammer promised the victims would receive a prescription drug discount card. Those victims were allegedly coached on how to give a purportedly recorded authorization to withdraw from their bank accounts. The victims not only didn’t receive any discounts but they suffered additional harm from no-sufficient fund withdrawal fees.

The Federal Trade Commission oversees telemarketers and has examples of how telemarketers work to scam consumers.

You may want to screen your calls, but some scammers will obtain a local number so it looks like a local business is calling.  Check out a robo calling services that blacklists phone numbers who have been reported as Do Not Call violators.

You may reply with “I can hear you” if you have any doubts.  Best to just say “No” to any telemarketer whether live or recorded.

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Jacksonville Pediatric Dentist Accused of Child Abuse and Fraud

By on May 8, 2015

Jacksonville Child AbuseA 78-year-old pediatric dentist currently under investigation by the state of Florida for alleged Medicaid fraud has been hit with a class action lawsuit claiming that he physically and psychologically abused his young patients. At least 60 victims have been identified, but over the course of his 40 years of practice, the number could’ve reached the thousands, according to the suit.

During the past two weeks, hundreds of parents have come forward with horror stories about the doctor’s “deviant sadistic” practices, which included choking his patients until they pass out, strapping the patients down, performing unnecessary, harmful procedures without anesthesia and then fraudulently billing Medicaid. Read the rest »

Posted in: Fraud

Whistleblower on WellCare's Treatment of the Sick

By on July 12, 2010

Thanks to a whistleblower and the court that unsealed his complaint, we can now see what really goes on when a large corporation decides to defraud the government. Of course it really is defrauding all of us.

In this case, WellCare Health Plans, which was Florida’s largest Medicaid HMO contractor, played loose and fast with the rules. A complaint has been filed by former WellCare financial analyst, Sean J. Hellein, reports Health News Florida. His complaint has launched a federal investigation and the records have now been unsealed. Read the rest »

Florida Wants Merck To Reimburse $80 Million For Vioxx

By Eddie Farah on October 4, 2008

Florida has joined eight states all suing drugmaker Merck & Co alleging deceptive marketing of the recalled painkiller Vioxx.

The lawsuit claims that while Merck offered Vioxx to the Medicaid program it was hiding the drug’s adverse effects in direct violation of the state’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act.

Florida’s Attorney General Bill McCollum says the state wants to be reimbursed for more than $80 million spent on health programs, such as Florida’s Medicaid program, which included Vioxx as an approved drug. He wants that money back plus interest and he seeks civil penalties of up to $10,000 per violation. Read the rest »

Florida Man Guilty of Mortgage Scam

By Eddie Farah on June 21, 2008

A Florida man admits he is guilty of defrauding a mortgage company.

Robert Guest, 44, of Orlando pled guilty in Alabama to one felony count of conspiracy in the scheme that involved the purchase and reselling of more than 200 homes, many in Florida.

Altogether the fraud cost  Countrywide Loans about $2 million.

Here is how it would work.

Guest would buy a home in Alabama, Florida, or Tennessee. Generally they were homes with low value, but he would arrange to sell to an investor at an inflated price.  The investor gets a loan for 80 percent. Read the rest »

Posted in: Fraud

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