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Ovarian Cancer Lawsuit

If you or a loved one has developed ovarian cancer and used talcum powder, get in touch with us at Farah & Farah immediately. A legal action must be initiated to help you to seek justice if you developed ovarian cancer after the regular use of talcum powder products.

Our drug injury lawyers are prepared to evaluate your case, at no charge. This is an urgent legal matter, and our early involvement in your case could be critical to the final outcome. We urge you to call us at 855-797-9899 immediately if you believe you have a case.

Ovarian cancer is a very serious, frequently fatal disease. Unfortunately, ovarian cancer often goes undetected until it has spread to other areas in the abdomen, making it difficult or sometimes impossible to treat. Johnson & Johnson, pharma giant, is facing legal actions from women who developed ovarian cancer after using the company’s “Baby Powder” and “Shower to Shower” products. There are several other companies producing talcum powder products as well.

Ovarian Cancer and Talcum Powder: The Risks


The American Cancer Society reports that in its natural form, some talc contains asbestos, a cancer-causing substance. Several studies have established that when talcum powder has been regularly applied to the genital area, there is a higher risk of developing ovarian cancer. Talc that does not contain asbestos may also be linked to increased cancer risk, according to research studies. The National Institute of Health issued a study that investigated the use of talc products, revealing a “modest” increased risk of ovarian cancer for women who used talcum powder products when frequently applied to the genital area. Whether the increase is modest or not, if you developed ovarian cancer, justice must be served.

In 2014, Johnson & Johnson became the subject of several federal class action lawsuits. These lawsuits were filed after a woman from South Dakota won her case against the pharmaceutical giant, claiming that Johnson & Johnson was negligent for failing to warn that her continued use of the company’s Baby Powder product put her at a higher risk of ovarian cancer. Studies show that regular use of talcum powder products on the genital area puts women at a 33 percent higher risk of developing ovarian cancer.

Did Johnson & Johnson deceive the public about the safety of their talcum powder products? The company is accused of failing to warn consumers of the dangers of these powders, and of engaging in “deception, fraud, false pretense, false promise, misrepresentation, unfair practices and omission, concealment and suppression of material information.

Damages in a Talcum Powder Lawsuit

The financial damages that will be pursued by our firm in a talcum powder lawsuit will include:

  • The cost of medical treatment and care;
  • Lost wages;
  • Cost of disability;
  • Pain and suffering;
  • Loss of consortium;
  • Punitive damages;
  • Other compensatory damages associated with contracting ovarian cancer.

Product Liability Lawyer for Talcum Powder Injury Cases

At Farah & Farah, we are zealous advocates for the women and families we represent. We believe that any corporation that fails to warn consumers of the dangers of their products must be held fully accountable. Companies that were aware of the potential risks of the talcum powder products, but hid these risks are guilty of putting corporate profits above the safety of consumers.

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Our firm is prepared to review and evaluate your case, and to advise you of your right to seek financial damages in a talcum powder injury lawsuit. Our legal team at Farah & Farah is steadfast, unrelenting, and determined to help injured women pursue justice.

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