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Salvage Vehicles National Database – A Good Idea

By Eddie Farah on November 11, 2008

Buying a used car is almost as much fun as going to the dentist.

Everyone has dealt with used car salesmen at some point in their life and we are not out to attack the used car industry; however, a warning about avoiding the pitfalls when it comes to purchasing a used car.

The used car industry can be very tricky. Vehicles that have been totaled, flooded, fire-damaged, sold and re-sold several times over, and even stolen have been salvaged, repaired and sold to innocent buyers across the nation. Unfortunately, there is little to no regulation or protection in place from fraudulent resale of potentially dangerous used vehicles. Read the rest »

Florida Supreme Court Helps Injured Workers

By Eddie Farah on October 25, 2008

The Florida Supreme Court ruled this week that a lawyer representing an injured worker is entitled to “reasonable” fees.

Ever since a controversial 2003 reform of the state’s workers’ compensation law, lawyer’s fees have been capped. That means most lawyers understandably shy away from workers’ comp cases. We at Farah & Farah do not.

The state Supreme Court ruled 5-0 in the case of Emma Murray vs. Mariner Health Care. Read the rest »

Florida Fatal Accidents On Highway Down, DUI Up

By Eddie Farah on September 26, 2008

Florida is seeing a reduction in the number of fatalities on our state’s highways.

For the second year in a row the number of traffic accidents is down as is the number of deaths from those accidents, down more than four percent from 2006. The Florida Highway Patrol believes people are becomming educated about safe driving, but let’s not forget that with the price of gas going up, some people are driving slower to conserve on precious fuel.

The number of injuries also decreased but only by one percent.

There is another side to these statistics – the number of alcohol-related fatalities is up more than 13 percent. Read the rest »

Teen Charged With Vehicular Homicide in Friend’s Death

By Eddie Farah on September 3, 2008

It is bad enough when a young person died in an auto accident, imagine if you are his friend now charged with his death.

A Jacksonville teen has been charged with vehicular homicide in the death of his friend in an accident that happened in Mandarin last June.  Early in the morning of June 23, 17-year old Daniel R. Farren had been drinking.

Police later said his blood alcohol level (BAC)  was 0.04, not legally intoxicated but enough to be “buzzed”- and as the slogan goes – buzzed driving also impairs judgment behind the wheel.

Read the rest »

Uninsured Patients Given The Right To Know

By Eddie Farah on August 23, 2008

Beginning the first day of next year, the Health Care Consumer’s Right to Information Act becomes law. 

This will provide the uninsured medical consumer with reliable and understandable information about health care charges so a patient can make an informed decision.

Often it is the uninsured patient, seeking doctor or hospital services, who is charged a full retail rate, which is higher than the rate an insured patient pays.

That’s because an insured patient’s insurance company has generally negotiated a more reasonable rate for medical procedures. Read the rest »

Storm Coming Concerns Motorists

By Eddie Farah on August 18, 2008

With high winds from Hurricane Fay predicted to hit the Jacksonville area this week, the Department of Transportation reports that motorists are calling to find out if roads will be closed.

Motorists can call 511 for traffic information. Newly constructed electronic signs along portions of I-95 will keep drivers updated on any road or bridge closures.

Bridges are a concern as well as the new elevated flyovers that take cars high above the congestion below. 

When are winds too high to travel on them?  The DOT says there is no wind threshold that requires vehicles to stay off the elevated roadways. It’s up to the local law enforcement.

Read the rest »

Allstate Gives Rate Cuts To Homeowners

By Eddie Farah on August 16, 2008

Florida and Allstate Insurance have settled their differences with state insurance regulators and the news is good for consumers for a change.  

The Northbrook, Illinois company is giving Florida homeowners an additional 5.6 percent rate cut, as part of a settlement. That means homeowners can expect a 19.8 percent homeowners cut in rates since June of last year.

The insurer will also offer coverage to 100,000 more Floridians against hurricanes and other perils; pay a $5 million fine; and forgive a $175 million loan to its Florida subsidiaries.

Read the rest »

When It’s Time To Pay- Worst Insurers Report

By Eddie Farah on July 10, 2008

The American Association for Justice, is an organization of personal injury attorneys that is long experienced in fighting insurance companies.  This report just issued shows what some of the fights are about, and the consumer is getting the short end of the stick.

The number one worst insurer for consumers is Allstate, says AAJ.

AAJ issued its report after sorting through thousands of legal documents, financial filings, as well as complaints filed with state insurance departments, the Securities and Exchange Commission and FBI records to determine how many claims were paid and how often the company employed hardball tactics against policyholders. Read the rest »

Allstate Being Forced To Turn Over Records

By Eddie Farah on May 15, 2008

Florida’s Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty is working on a deal that will get Allstate Floridian back into business in the state. 

Allstate is barred from writing new business  – auto, property or health – until it turns over thousands of documents that will reveal how it does business.  Allstate has been accused of cancelling policies at its own discretion and escalating premiums.

This does not affect the two million existing policies. But company agents can’t write any new business.  

Allstate has no choice. A Court of Appeal, on Wednesday said it could not have a rehearing on the ban and the court also said Allstate can’t take the issue to a higher court- the Florida Supreme Court. Read the rest »

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