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If you or your loved one has suffered serious health problems after taking Benicar, contact our legal team at Farah & Farah immediately. We are currently engaged in filing claims for victims against the manufacturer to seek compensation for all damages.

Benicar and Gastrointestinal Problems: The Background


High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a very common medical problem. In the USA, over 11 million patients are prescribed Benicar (olmesartan) to treat high blood pressure each year. Unfortunately, Benicar has done more harm than good for many of those patients.

Linked to severe gastrointestinal problems, Benicar came under scrutiny after the Mayo Clinic issued a report on 22 patients who presented the symptoms of Celiac disease, or “sprue-like enteropathy.” This condition includes severe, chronic diarrhea, as well as substantial weight loss. Some patients suffered “villous atrophy,” a condition in which the small intestine cannot absorb nutrients, with serious health consequences for the patient, including the need for hospitalization.

If you or your loved one has suffered any of these symptoms after being prescribed Benicar, contact our drug injury lawyers at Farah & Farah. You can reach out to us by calling 855-797-9899. We are here to help victims of Benicar side effects to pursue full compensation. Call now.

About Benicar and Dangerous Side Effects

Produced by Daiichi-Sankyo, Inc., the drug was granted FDA marketing approval in 2002. In 2013, the FDA required label changes warning against these side effects. The report noted that patient side effects could present months or even years after a patient starts Benicar.

The FDA reviewed adverse event reports and identified clear evidence of the association between Benicar and these dangerous health conditions.

The group of patients presenting these symptoms at the Mayo Clinic was initially diagnosed with celiac disease. According to the New York Times, these patients, when treated with a gluten-free diet, did not improve as they should have. Upon further investigation into the cause of the health condition, all of this set of patients were discovered to be taking Benicar to treat high blood pressure. The Mayo Clinic published its findings and reported the health issue to the FDA.

Many patients have suffered severe health consequences after starting Benicar. The drug may have been prescribed prior to the issuance of FDA warnings (resulting in the patient having been hospitalized, or simply living with debilitating symptoms), and as consequence it was only recently discovered that resulting health problems were directly associated with Benicar usage. If this happened to you or a loved one, it is time to take action against those responsible for your health issues.

Product Liability Lawsuits for Benicar Side Effects

Drug manufacturers are required to warn doctors and patients against all potential side effects from medications released onto the market. For several years, Benicar was heavily prescribed, but did not carry warnings about these dangerous side effects. Patients who lived with severe, chronic diarrhea and other symptoms were rendered unable to work, were hospitalized, or suffered long term physical problems after taking Benicar. The drug manufacturer must be held accountable, and Farah & Farah is here to help.

Compensatory Damages in a Benicar Injury Case

The compensatory damages pursued in a Benicar case will include the following:

  • Costs associated with medical care and treatment
  • Lost wages

Our dangerous drug lawyer can help you to move forward with a product liability lawsuit against Daiichi-Sankyo, Inc. These cases must be managed by a legal professional skilled in product liability law. Every case requires extensive documentation and evidence to support a claim, and our firm has access to top medical experts and other professional resources to assist in supporting the case against the manufacturer.

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Don’t assume that your case will be fairly settled without the help of a product liability lawyer. Drug manufacturers bring on top corporate defense lawyers to fight to reduce the dollar value of claims, and deny claims. Our Benicar lawyers are not intimidated. We fight for justice for our clients, and we are relentless in demanding full financial compensation in Benicar injury cases.

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