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Orlando Truck Accident Attorney

Trucking accidents are often catastrophic and inflict long-lasting physical pain, emotional grief, and misery. We understand the impact that these devastating accidents can have on you and your family and we want to help you through this difficult time.

At Farah & Farah, we want to learn about your accident and relieve the financial and emotional burden you’re facing. Our Orlando truck accident lawyers are dedicated to handling your case so that you can focus on getting your life back.

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What to Expect From Our Trucking Accident Attorneys

When you choose Farah & Farah, you’ll be able to focus on your rehabilitation because our trucking accident attorneys in Orlando will manage every aspect of your case. Our team will focus on:

  • Negotiating medical bills.
  • Investigating the scene of the truck accident and gathering all the evidence for your case.
  • Finding you a competent doctor for treatment and to document your injuries.
  • Handling all paperwork from insurance companies and medical providers.
  • Fighting for the maximum possible verdict or settlement.

Differences in Truck Accidents vs. Car Accidents

With the average car accident, the cause will generally be straightforward human error. With trucking accidents, a significant amount of responsibility for an accident will still fall on the driver, but it may be indirect. For example, truck drivers are legally allowed to drive up to 11 hours in one stretch and may work more than that. 

Equipment failure plays a significant role in trucking accidents but that doesn’t automatically free the driver from liability. Pre-trip inspections are the responsibility of the driver to ensure that equipment is functioning properly. If there was a failure that should have been reported by the driver prior to their trip, responsibility would likely fall to them.

The equipment failure could also implicate the trucking company if proven that they acted negligently to maintaining the equipment. Any evidence gathered at the scene can help prove negligence to both the company and driver.

How Much is My Truck Accident Case Worth?

Since every accident is different, there is no systematic process for determining the amount of money associated with each case. Fortunately, there are some damages that are easy to calculate, while others require an understanding of the law.

Easily calculated expenses include such things as past & future medical bills, lost earnings, lost earning capacity and property loss. The documented damages inflicted give merit to the case.

More difficult damages to prove include intangible harms, such as pain & suffering, mental anguish, disability, loss of enjoyment of life and inconvenience. Although the evidence is more susceptible to interpretation, our attorneys can increase the worth of your case through these types of damages.

How Much Does a Trucking Accident Lawyer in Orlando Charge?

At Farah & Farah, we provide counsel on a contingency fee basis. It means that we only collect legal fees if we successfully win your case instead of charging you upfront.

We’re not here to add to the financial trouble you might be experiencing. Our services are risk-free and you won’t have to pay directly for any of our costs throughout your truck accident claim.

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