Tampa Neck and Back Injury Attorney

If you’ve sustained a back and neck injury, the future you’re facing is uncertain. You may have questions and concerns as you face wondering how this injury will impact your ability to perform, whether it’s in daily activities or your ability to support your family.

You shouldn’t have to face a lifetime of hardship over the action or inaction of someone else. At Farah & Farah, we want to make sure that you don’t. Call our Tampa neck and back injury attorneys today at (813) 358-0490. We will provide you a free confidential consultation to answer all of your questions and get you started on the right track to fight for the compensation you need to aid your recovery.

What to Expect From Our Neck and Back Injury Lawyers

Our injury attorneys in Tampa truly care about you and your well being. When you work with us, we will always treat you with the compassion and dignity you deserve.

  • Our team will help find a specialist in neck and back injuries to assess, document and treat your injuries.
  • We will handle the paperwork for the insurance companies.
  • We are passionate about protecting your rights and we will never back down from a fight.

Common Causes of Neck and Back Injuries

The most common causes of neck and back injuries can be caused by accidents including:

Injuries not caused by car accidents include:

Who is Liable in a Neck and Back Injury Case?

If you can prove that a third party’s negligence caused the accident that led to your injury, then the party responsible can be held liable. You may be entitled to compensation for damages relating to medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

How Much Does a Neck and Back Injury Lawyer Cost?

At Farah & Farah, we work on a contingency fee basis which means you never have to pay anything up front. You will only pay if we win a verdict or a settlement.

Farah & Farah as the Solution

At Farah & Farah, we understand the physical, emotional and mental anguish that comes along when you face a back and neck injury. The recovery process can be long and painful, not to mention costly. Our team cares about making the negligent party pay for their mistake so you can take care of your recovery. Call us today to get the process started.

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