Jacksonville Man Dies in Truck Accident

Posted on October 7, 2014

A Jacksonville area tow truck driver is dead and another trailer truck driver is in custody after a fatal crash on Interstate 10, between U.S. 301 Cecil Commence Center Parkway. Reports from WJXT News 4 indicate the wreck occurred shortly before midnight near Otis Road, just west of the Parkway. Florida Highway Patrol suggests that the semi-truck being driven east collided with the rear of the tow truck heading in the same direction. Upon collision the tractor-trailer driver lost control, crossed the median into the westbound lane before crashing into the tree line.

The tow truck, driven by a 40-year old Jacksonville man, peeled off in the opposite direction as the semi and collided with the tree line on the north side of the road. That man died at the scene. As a result, most of Interstate 10 in the area was closed off till early the next morning. Florida State Patrol also reported that charges are currently pending on the tractor-trailer driver following a thorough investigation into the cause of the accident.

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