Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Jacksonville, FL


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Have You Been in a Motorcycle Accident? You May Need a Lawyer

A motorcycle accident can cause catastrophic damage to your health and wellbeing. With very little between you and the road, even a minor incident could be a big problem. Even if you take every precaution on your motorcycle, you can still be hurt by negligent drivers or poorly maintained roads. Then on top of suffering severe injuries, you will need to sort through complicated financial, medical, and legal paperwork.

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident in Jacksonville, the attorneys at Farah & Farah want to help you determine the best course of action. You can speak to our Jacksonville motorcycle accident lawyers by calling (904) 549-6434 or scheduling your free, no-obligation case review now

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Motorcycle Accident Statistics in Florida

Beautiful waterways, scenic beaches, and plenty of sunshine make Jacksonville the perfect city to ride a motorcycle. Unfortunately, that also means there is more risk of accidents in Jacksonville. According to Ride Smart Florida, there are over 500 motorcycle fatalities each year in Florida. In 2020, motorcycle accidents accounted for 15% of all traffic fatalities across the state while only representing 2.4% of all traffic accidents.

If you are in a motorcycle accident in Jacksonville, you can increase your chances of securing a winning claim by hiring a lawyer. Fighting against insurance companies and other parties can be complicated, and going it alone might put you at further risk of not getting the compensation you deserve. Our Jacksonville motorcycle accident attorneys will assess all the angles of your accident and pursue the maximum damages on your behalf.

How Our Jacksonville Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Help You

Farah & Farah’s attorneys know how to help victims of motorcycle accidents. We’ve seen the many occurrences that can lead to collisions with passenger vehicles and know how to gather supporting evidence to help build your case. 

Motorcycle accidents are unique because they lack seatbelts, airbags, and other safety features. If you’ve suffered injuries in your motorcycle accident, you need a legal representative by your side.

Farah & Farah Jacksonville motorcycle lawyers want to help you:

When Should You Hire a Jacksonville Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Establishing fault for motorcycle accidents can be very difficult. There are often many parties involved, and it’s possible more than one should be held responsible. Drivers are often the negligent party, but product or vehicle producers, government entities in charge of maintaining roadways, and even roadway designers or construction companies may be liable

The truth is that you are at a severe disadvantage if you go toe-to-toe with insurance companies or large corporations without legal help. These institutions have the ways and means to make sure you get as little as possible, even if their clients are at fault. It’s their job to protect their bottom lines and devalue your claim. We’ve seen it too many times, and we don’t want it to happen to you. 

Farah & Farah Employs The Top Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Jacksonville, FL

It can be tough to figure out your next steps after a motorcycle accident. There are many hurdles between you and a full recovery. Having an attorney to handle your paperwork can free you up to focus on getting your life back on track. 

At Farah & Farah, our core belief is that everyone deserves strong legal representation. If you — or someone you love — have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you deserve answers. That’s why you won’t owe us anything unless we win your case. 

If you’re unsure how to proceed after your accident, don’t fear. You are not alone. Contact Farah & Farah to get the help you need. We are ready to review your case with a free, no-obligation consultation. Call our Jacksonville motorcycle injury lawyers now (904) 549-6434 to get started

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Farah & Farah is a Proud Motorcycle Partner of Law Tigers in Jacksonville

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