Workers’ Comp Stats & Facts

Injuries related to work can happen in the blink of an eye. And they can have drastic effects on your health and livelihood. In an ideal world, workers’ compensation benefits ease the stress of a work-related injury. Unfortunately, filing for benefits can be a confusing and challenging process. 

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Quick Workers’ Compensation Statistics for Florida and Georgia

During the latest reporting year in the United States, the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that there were 2.8 million nonfatal workplace injuries or illnesses. When we look at Florida statistics, we can see that the leading fatal incidents for that year were caused by:

  •       Transportation incidents
  •       Falls, slips, or trips
  •       Exposure to harmful substances
  •       Violence and other injuries by persons or animal

In Florida, the private construction industry saw the largest number of fatalities. Transportation and material moving occupations were also a leading cause of Florida workplace fatalities. Some important figures include: 

  •       Men accounted for 95% of work-related fatalities.
  •       Workers aged 25 to 54 accounted for 63% of the work-related fatalities
  •       85% of workplace fatalities were of those who worked for wages and salaries. The remaining were self-employed.

In Georgia, the transportation industry yielded the most significant amount of workplace fatalities. This figure includes transportation from cars, aircraft, trains, and pedestrians. The construction industry accounted for the second most regular cause of workplace fatality

Facts About Workers’ Compensation in FL and GA

After getting hurt on the job, many people have lots of difficult questions without clear answers. Because there are many deadlines and documents required, It can be challenging to know how to start your benefits process. Additionally, most people are inexperienced with the complex blend of workers’ comp laws and paperwork required to receive benefits in Florida and Georgia. 

Learning some essential facts about filing a workers’ compensation claim now can help you later: 

You Are Eligible for Benefits Regardless of Fault

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system. No-fault means workers who receive an injury during their employment are eligible for benefits with few exceptions. Be aware that Florida’s workers’ compensation laws do not require that your employer be negligent in causing your injury, but Georgia laws are less lenient. 

Most Injuries Are Covered by Workers’ Comp

Regardless of how they happened, many injuries qualify for workers’ comp protections. However, there are some exceptions. For example, if drugs or illegal substances were involved in your injury, you cannot receive compensation for your injuries. Although there are exceptions, most on-the-job injuries are eligible for workers’ comp.

Workers Compensation Benefits Will Cover Some of Your Damages

Your benefits through workers’ comp are determined based on your needs. Some people receive partial or other types of compensation. Generally, workers’ comp does not cover all workplace accident damages. You will not receive 100% of your lost wages, but you may receive an abbreviated percentage.

You Can Get a Second Opinion on Your Injuries

While you initially need to visit the doctor your company chooses, you can visit another doctor for a second opinion. Before contacting any doctor for additional insight, make sure you inform your employer and get approval to visit a doctor. You may be responsible for paying out of pocket to see your doctor.

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